How can Pinays and Foreigners Get Married in Hong Kong

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Getting married in Hong Kong is perhaps one of the fastest way to get reunited with your loved one who happens to live in a country different from yours. Most likely, it goes with the fact that the process to get the paperwork accomplished is much easier than doing it here in the Philippines. For example, when a Filipina is marrying a German (my case), it would take at least 3 to 5 months to process all the papers for his legal capacity to contract marriage or Ehefähigkeitszeugnis. Your German fiance will also have to visit the German Embassy in Manila to pick up the the certificate of legal capacity to marry. This would need another 2 to 3 days. After he has secured his Ehefähigkeitszeugnis, it is time to start your application at the locality where you are based. If you wanted to have a grand wedding or even a simple one with your immediate family around, be mindful that this would take so much time. This is why, for a Filipina and a foreigner, getting married in Hong Kong is the fastest route to take.

Getting married in Hong Kong was something we never thought of for some time. Chris and I had been thinking about the next step in our relationship, and it means, we wanted to take a leap towards being together, proximity wise and of course, legally. With him being German and I, a Pinay, many would expect we will tie the knot either in DE (or NL where he is based)  or in the Philippines. This is something we also consider but, behind the ideas of doing this where we should, the trail for the paperwork needed from us (from my side with 90%  of this burden), is quite overwhelming. I have a full time job that requires I oversee every single detail that is to be done and this makes this really challenging.  Added to this is the complicated schemes involved in marrying a foreigner in the Philippines. So we thought of many possible options, getting married in Hong Kong being one.

But why get married in Hong Kong, you may ask… 

  1. We are convinced the process is quick and that it does not involve the stress of having to deal with many government office-hopping and the fees it incurs trying to get the marriage license (which will, of course, demand tons of paperwork beforehand, plus under the table stuff to accomplish so  quickly). “More fun in the Philippines!” as he would always say. 😀
  2. Hong Kong is a member of the Apostille Convention.  That means that there is no need to go through the lengthy process of having your marriage certificate “red-ribboned” or notarized to be considered genuine in many countries. Other than the 2-3 month wait for your marriage records to be available at the National Statistics Authority (formerly NSO), you must have it red-ribboned by the DFA. That consumes time again. In Hong Kong, you can get your marriage certificate right after the ceremony, have it sealed by an apostille service, and after 2 days, it is good to go. (that is how our research have gone so far). An Apostille is issued by a designated authority in a country where the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization of Foreign Public Documents is practiced.
  3. It is an all-in trip for us (wedding, honeymoon, and travel to a neutral ground). 🙂
  4. The communication with the government authorities in Hong Kong is much more smoother than in the Philippines.

If you and your better half want to make the process swift so you can be together faster, skipping the red tape and countless processes in PH, then the option getting married in Hong Kong is for you.

So since Chris and I are considering this option, we decided to give the process a try.

How to get started? 

The first step is the email to

Here is an example of what we did:

HK email 1What is amazing about transactions related to getting married in Hong Kong is the prompt and complete replies to your queries. I sent an email March 25th and received a reply 3 days later, all with complete information and instructions. (Other than what to write exactly on the “Surname, Name” box of the Page 1 of the form. I will talk about this more on my next entry, as I am trying to figure out what to do exactly. Now, I am waiting for the email in response to my query).

THK mail2hough there are available forms you can download from links you find on blogs online, I suggest you send an email of inquiry. The forms you download may be outdated. I have confirmed this as Hong Kong sent me an updated one. The reply from the HK Government is quite lengthy, but be sure to read them thoroughly as it contains useful, specific information essential to completing the process.

After you have read the instructions, it is time to prepare for the paperwork.

What do you need to get your wedding schedule? 

The following should be enclosed in an envelop:

  1. Photocopies of your and your bf/gf’s birth certificate (International Birth Certificate if the same document isn’t in English)
  2. Photocopy of your passports
  3. Photocopy of CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) for the Pinay partner
  4. Notarized Page 1 of the Notice of Intended Marriage
  5. Pages 2 and 3 of the Forms sent by the HK government (if both of you were never married)
  6. Bank draft worth HK$305 as the fee for giving and exhibiting the notice. (I will talk about this in another blog entry soon)

hk mail3

The complete set of requirements should be sent to

The Marriage Registration and Records Office
3/F, Low Block Queensway Government Offices
66 Queensway, Hong Kong

I sent our application through express mail, and paid  ₱ 917.00 with maximum 7 days for the door to door delivery. You see, it was delivered on time. 🙂


I received a reply from this email address: about the update of our request. However, we were told that we need to send a new notarized copy of the Page 1 as I actually MUST put my middle name on the form (which is confusing for me as it just clearly asked for the name / given name only).  I felt like.. ‘Ah! Why didn’t it say so clearly”, but I had to comply anyway. 🙂  I sent a reply to HK regarding the middle name and hope to get a clear explanation why. 😀

It is only after all requirements are met that Hong Kong will send to you the possible wedding date. 🙂

Are you also planning to get married in Hong Kong? Drop me a line for some queries. I would be happy to help you out.

For the complete information, may it with papers, hotel, budget, itinerary, route guides in Hong Kong, etc.. please browse the posts on this link.

Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


275 thoughts on “How can Pinays and Foreigners Get Married in Hong Kong

  1. Hi! So glad to have found this blog. I’m a Filipina with a German fiance. We’re planning to get married in HK hopefully within this year. I’ll definitely be checking your blog for references. Thanks for sharing this.

      1. So ok Lang na sya Ang gumawa ng bank draft while nasa US sya? Paano Yung cheque? Hindi ba dapat isesend Yun sa hk with the documents ? Nandito po Kasi ako sa Cebu and nasa akin lahat ng documents Yung kulang Lang po talaga is Yung bank draft. I’m so sorry po I have a lot of questions. I just wanted to make sure that I won’t make any mistake Kasi Sayang Yung pera na magagastos. Thank you in advance 😊

      2. You have to send the documents and the bank draft together. Wala naman kasing name na ilalagay dun. I think, the safest way is to ask the IMMD if okay lang ba na sa US galing ang draft. If they say na okay, then.. he will have to swnd to you the draft and you send it together to HK.

      3. Hello… Un fiancee ko ay Japanese. Anong need requirements kaya saknya. Never been married din sya. Then un documents is also written in Japanese .

        Tapos un pag authenticated ba paano po ba yun pinapaauthenticate dto sa pinas. Ako ksi mag aasikaso wla ako masyado idea. Thank u

      4. I think the requirements listed here apply to all nationalities. For sure, dapat english ang BC nya so need ng translation. Based on experience, iba kasi ang BC ng mga Japanese.. may family tree pa yun. For a more detailed or updated info. I suggest you email HK directly kasi medyo matagal na rin tong blog post. And what documents will you have for authentication ba? Depende kasi yon sa papers. If you have more questions or need help with paperwork and all, kindly send a message through the CONTACT FORM of this blog. Happy planning.

  2. hi, my fiancee and I plan to get married in HK in January of 2020. I’m quite confused as to when should I send them an email of inquiry. can you please help me out on this?

  3. Hello Thank you very much for this blog 🙂 i´m a german and want to marry my filipina fiance in hongkong.
    How did you get 2 witnesses for the marriage? is it do able alone? there is an service here in germany which will do all the paper work , getting with you to all the neccasary stops and so on, but it cost around 1000€… wasted money if its not that complicated

    1. Hallo! Ja.. that is absolutely doable on your own like what we did. Witnesses can be found in the parks around the area of the venues.. all you need to do is just to find interested individuals 1 or 2 days before the wedding.

      1. a Second Question 😀 we send now all the paperwork to hongkong and it arrived there, how long did it take until they contacted you? thank you fpr your help 🙂

      2. Hello can i ask you again something? now i read the first time something about CFO -.-
        i’m on their website and i’m clueless which seminar she must visit after the wedding..
        is it the Pre-departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)/Peer Counseling Program (PCP)
        or the Guidance and Counseling Program (GCP) seminar?
        thank you for your help 🙂

  4. Hi there, this blog is brilliant by the way!
    Just to confirm – after we submit our documents and they are received (mine was received on Saturday 9th March) I should receive a reply from someone in HK with an update? Can I ask how long after your submission did you receive this? Thank you and kind regards! Jeanette

  5. Halo…Guten Abend Miss Fraum😉
    yaaay!!! looking forward for our coming special day on this march 20,2019…thank you soo much for this blog…it helps us a lot,now i am become nervous day by day..and very excited too!!!
    muwahhhh…God Bless misss

    1. Hi miss vergie,
      I am so confused about getting a bank draft. Can you please tell me how to do it?

      And my fiance is asking if did you get a marriage certificate in Hong Kong and why do you need to get another one here in the Philippines
      And did your spouse got his balikbayan stamp after coming back here in the Philippines?

      Thank you!

      1. halloo Sherica!
        about bank draft medyo nahirapan
        kami,i went to 3 banks that accredited to Hongkong to make
        that bank draft,but its always the same what there answer..
        you need to open USdollar account worth 500$…and then another waiting 3months for clearing,even if you have account still they asking you to have dollar,so we decided to ask my friend to send our documents together with the payments at there office registrar in Hongkong,so then you dont must needed that bank draft! after that they will recieve,you will recieve an email from the office,and wait for almost 1week for their confirmation..about naman sa marriage certificate yes after the married they will give it..but still you need that to bring after in our Philippines consulate to declared the wedding…and after 2days you will come back there to get the certificate from them…we need two, from Hongkong and from our PSA here…waiting 3months…because we are not Hongkong citizen so we need our m.cert.from Philippines too

  6. GUten Tag miss Fraum!!!
    Greetings from Philippines..
    yeey! I’m just back home,after
    our married in Hongkong last march 20,and thanks God!
    we are ready now!!!
    but ohhh ohhh!!! I’m almost not
    to travel on that night going to Hongkong,immigration was very strict! i choose to get fly from Iloilo
    rather than manila to Hongkong,since i was living here in Bacolod,because the truth is i am really nervous about immigration in manila,but still the same!! but thanks God,im still granted to traveled..miss Fraum the consulate said i must wait 3months to get our married certificate here in ph PSA.and now i want to ask you! after i get that paper,and im lucky to finished my interview in german embassy and granted the visa to travel…what next?? do i need more to do, except to buy a ticket going to Germany??? thanks and God Bless

    1. Hey hey! Congrats. Yay! Finally. Gosh.. what.m Taga Iloilo City ako. Haha. After you got your PSA copy of ROM and has been granted a family reunion visa to DE, you must attend the CFO seminar (Cebu or Manila) and have a sticker attached to your passport with the valid visa. 🙂

      1. HI po miss wow im reading your blog since then and It’s very from iloilo din po..Im planning to get married in hongkong this july …ung bank draft po anung bank young pwd dito na bank na pwd rin xa hk?

      2. ..hi there po..nag email na po ako ng possible date ng marriage namin around first week of july…nag reply sakin ung auto comp message…so may link po I need to wait ng another reply nila or I need to go to the link and book an appointment online? it po ang link ..ty po..btw where ko po ma download ung notice of intended married na form? tanx u

  7. Guten Morgen miss Fraum!
    ohhh okay thank you soo much… how long po and seminar ng CFO? wala po dito sa bacolod or ILoilo miss?
    wow so ilongga kadin pala..
    my tita ako sa Jaro naman sila,
    and ako po dito ako bacolod Alijis nakatira,alam moba miss halos ksabay nmin that day doon sa cotton drive mga German din and filipina,the same problem hirap dw mag process ng kasal dto satin and mas lalo na sa DE,ung isa miss 3 times na sila na deny for fiancee visa,kaloka talaga…

    1. CFO offices are in Manila,Cebu,Clark and Davao lang. It would take one full day.. so devote more time. I had my seminar in Cebu. The whole process was from 8 AM to 6PM. Kaloka. Yes… it was the same for us.. we tried to process our wedding in PH twice… and in HK twice too. PH and DE has too much paperwork.

      1. thank you miss Fraum!
        so sa palagay niyo po
        mas okay ba kong sa Cebu nalang din ako mag seminar for CFO?
        nagugulohan ako sa mga requirements for reunification
        visa…ano ano po hinanda mo noon
        na docu.pag punta mo ng German embassy for enterview?
        waiting na po ako sa schedule na ibibigay nila..nakapag send napo ako ng application..and sabi wait ko lang daw ang email for my appearance schedule.thanks po

      2. Depends on you.. for me Cebu is easier to travel to than Manila.. and I went there for a weekend sightseeing tour too. Unfortunately, I can’t share my embassy experience for visa application since I applied for a special visa for family members of EU citizens. This is because my husband was based outside of Germany.

  8. Hi Fraum,

    Thank you very much for your insightful blog posts! My partner and I are planning for a wedding this end of July 2019. Would it be okay to ask some questions along the way?

    We’re currently filling in the application form and I have a few questions you might know the answer to:

    1. Just to make sure, for Page 1, the format for the name is (Surname), (First Name) (Middle Name).
    2. In general: Whenever they ask for given names in the application form, does that mean the first name AND middle name of the person (e.g. yours, parents)?
    3. When they ask for your mother’s name, did you give her maiden name?
    4. For the CENOMAR and birth certificates for both the marriage registration and the reporting of marriage, am I right that they do not need t be DFA-authenticated and that them being printed from the security paper of PSA is enough?

    I hope you won’t mind us asking any more questions when we encounter them. Thank you so much for your help, and congratulations for the very active blog!

    1. Hello there! Great to know it is of help. 🙂 As for your questions..
      1. Yes. The form from HK requires you to write your middle name together with the first name. (They said follow what’s on your passport)
      2. I used only the middle name for me. For my parents’ data, I didn’t write the middle name.
      3. For the ROM, yes.. i wrote my mom and mom in law’s maiden names.
      4. Yes. No need for DFA authentication. A PSA copy in security paper is sufficient. 🙂

      Happy planning!

  9. What will happen after me and my fiancé get married in HK, bdw his from Germany.
    Do I have to go back to Philippines and registered that I’m married ?

  10. Hello ma’am I am Filipina and fiance ko ay German, ang tanong ko kailangan pa ba na I translate ang birth certificate at Devorce doc niya in english . Ang pangalawang tanong ko po ay ma recognize ba Ito as Pilipinas and How? Thank ypu

    1. Hello Marie! Yes dapat international version (english) and documents for HK. Which one do you refer to about recognition sa Pinas? Yung kasal sa HK or divorce nya? Ang kasal sa HK ay need ireport sq PH consulate para ma recognized. Ang divorce nya.. depends if Pinay ba ex wife nya or what..

    2. Hello Maam Fraum, nahirapan akoang kumuha nang bankdraft, ang tanong ko po pwede bang mag bayad thru master card?

      1. Hi.. hindi yata.. need cash if may personal na magsubmit at bankdraft pag through mail. Yung iba sabi pwedi daw i include yung cash sa envelope pero hindi naman ako sure if that works.

  11. Hi Fraum good day, Ive read your blog about the Hong Kong marriage and it helps me a lot! just in my case kasi po my fiance is British but he’s working in China right now were planning po kasi na mag pakasal after namin mag Thailand,
    sabi niya po kasi na sya nlang daw pupunta ng HK to hand in the documents, Ok lang po ba na e scan ko yung PSA BirthCert ko, Passport . CENOMAR tska yung NOtice with notary sa kanya para sya nlang din mag bayad duon personally?

    -and also is it possible po ba na mag aaply kami this June tas ikakasal kami sa last week of July?

    Thank you po.

    1. Hi there! Great to know it has been helpful. As for your questions.. yes you can submit a scanned copy of the documents except for the notice of marriage which must be original. You will present the original copies of the papers when you arrived in HK. He can submit the application personally too. And yes.. depending on the availability, you can get married even after 2 weeks of submission but the schedule you prefer is not guaranteed. 🙂 happy planning!

      1. Hello again Miss Fraum!
        may itatanong ulit ako about sa :
        – ” first stop for your Hong Kong wedding is the Marriage Registration Office at Queensway Government Offices for your administration of oath.” is it the same day on your Wedding or magka iba po?
        – ilang balik po ba kayo to HK after you submitted the documents?
        -Since kailangan po Original yung Notice of Marriage pwedi po ba sya nlang mag pa notarize duon sa China ? kasi sya din naman yung mag papasa ng documents sa HK?

        akala po kasi namin na pupunta nlang kaming HK for the scheduled wedding after we’ve submitted all the documents. or kailangan ba naming dalawa pumunta sa HK for the administration of Oath at babalik ulit for the Wedding?

        Thank you po talaga,

      2. Hi Lez! You only have to go there once. The oath has to be done 2 days before the wedding. Also, a big yes.. he can have it notarized in China.

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