Craving for German food in Hong Kong?

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As mein Mann and I were in Hong Kong, we were constantly walking around and see what TST has to offer for our stomach. There are lots of places to eat around Kowloon, actually. But, after the experience with the local Chinese diner, we vowed to try something more familiar from then on.  There is one German restaurant in particular which we went to almost everyday the entire time we were there.


I may say we stumbled upon Weinstube German Restaurant and Bar one afternoon while looking for a place to eat doner and kebab. We went astray on the small streets just beside Kowloon Park until we finally get to eat something Mediterranean at Kebab House on Ashley Street.  It actually looked like a dead-end street but there are many bars and small places to eat here. We went on a stroll down Ashley and we saw the place with a European name. It was too early to get some beer and we were too full to eat some more. We decided to just check it out and come back for a beer later in the day.

If you are from Nathan Road, here is how you can find the place.

Image from Google Earth

From Nathan Road, walk on Haiphong Street (directly beside Kowloon Park) for two blocks. Turn right unto Hankow Street and walk until you reached Ichang Street on your right. Walk another block and turn right again. Weinstube German Restaurant and Bar is close to the corner on your right. Go up the stairs and tadaaaa~!! 


So we went back to check out the beer after dinner. It happened that we were there on Easter Sunday and the place is almost empty. The area can accommodate about 30 people at once yet we got the place almost to ourselves, so we had the chance to enjoy a long conversation with Lala (we love you, Lala!!), the manager of Weinstube, and we found out that it is a long-established bar and restaurant that serves German beer and traditional German food. 


It has a nice and quiet atmosphere in the middle of a very busy area of Hong Kong and very much accessible if you stay around Tsim Sha Tsui.


Of course, the beer is excellent, taking it from mein Mann.


Ah… thirst quencher! Every German’s favorite. 🙂



We can highly recommend this to our fellow German-Pinay couples who are in Hong Kong for a vacation, or for getting married. This is where we had our lunch after the wedding ceremony and the paperwork at the consulate. (If you want some more information about getting married in Hong Kong, see here). If you are a German/Swiss/Austrian, this is a good place to forget about homesickness. Our food was good and prepared fresh.


With the ambience, I believe it can be a great, quiet place for a solo diner as well. The Deco is, of course, distinctively European and the menu reflects the same. It is also a good place to meet Europeans especially on a Friday or Saturday night. We had fun talking to other patrons on our last night in Hong Kong. Weinstube German Restaurant and Bar is a small place, which indeed makes it special. You’ll literally get the feeling that you are eating at a friend’s house. Other than the food and the staff, we love the atmosphere so much. The people just start to have conversations across tables despite being complete strangers. Like, how cool is that?


You cannot fail to notice that this friendly, cozy place is German/Austrian with the  international hint. It’s all pulled off close to perfection. ❤


What is the coolest restaurant you’ve been to? How was it like?


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