How Much Does a Hong Kong Wedding Cost?



“Til debt do we part”

Hong Kong wedding vows can be something that sound that way. This is not a far cry from how much couples would usually spend for the celebration as grand as they can afford, or maybe show. A Hong Kong wedding can cost more than HK$300,000 or around 1.2 million pesos on average.

But, that is not what we are aiming for! For us who are more practical, Hong Kong makes our “go small on the big day” possible.

Yep, you read it right! You can marry in Hong Kong without “really” breaking the bank. Well, kind of… but it can compensate avoiding all the troubles of an intricate paperwork and processes that would almost cost the same if you do it in the Philippines.

How much do you need for a wedding  in Hong Kong?

The following reflects the expenses that you will incur when you decide to tie the knot in the former British territory. Please bear in mind that we listed only the minimum amount for the wedding and all activities related to it based on our experience. (There are some other personal activities we did that cost us extra and it is not reflected here.)  


Roundtrip Airfare (PH to HK)            17,935.71
           checked-in luggage              1,200.00
Guesthouse (10 days)            20,355.45
Food (minimum spending, mostly if you would go to fastfood or buy at the local supermarket)            25,000.00
Airport to Tsim Sha Tsui (fare depends which area you will stay)
A21 Bus HK$ 33.00 (4) – 855.00                855.00
* Alternative transportation available: *HKS240 for taxi (one way) HK$ 240.00 (4x) – 6,216.00
*HK$ 90 for Airport Exp HK$ 90.00 (4x)
Tsim Sha Tsui to Admiralty ( Queensway) HK$ 9.40 (4x)                246.00
Tsim Sha Tsui to Admiralty (to City Hall ) HK$ 9.40 (4x)                246.00
City Hall to Phil Consulate
    via tram HK$ 2.30 (2)                  30.00
Admiralty to Tsim Sha Tsui HK$ 9.40 (2)                123.00
Application to HK HK$ 305.00             1,906.00
Wedding Ceremony HK$ 715.00             4,647.50
Wedding Certificate  (1 certified copy) HK$ 280/copy             3,640.00
Apostille stamp HK$ 125.00/seal                815.00
Registered mail for Apostille HK$ 15.50                105.00
Report of Marriage Processing (Phil. Emb) HK$ 200.00             1,300.00
Expedite fee HK$ 80.00                520.00
Witness (food and some amount)             4,000.00
PROJECTED EXPENSES          80,163.66

*** The airfares are based on where you are coming from in the Philippines. It can be cheaper if you happen to book a flight way ahead, which is not also possible as you have to wait for the wedding schedule confirmation first. Lucky you, if there is a promo fare available on the schedule of your departure to Hong Kong.

*** Your other half’s airfare from Europe is also not included on the list.

*** Hotel accommodation prices also depends on the season you will be in Hong Kong. The best way to save some pennies is to book a room on the hotel or guesthouse website directly.

*** To save on fares for the public transportation, buy an octopus card from Costumer Service Counters of Hong Kong International Airport. You can reload this in any 7-11 stores around Hong Kong.

We hope it can help you decide if getting married in Hong Kong is an alternative for you.

Check the previous post for the documents you need to get married in Hong Kong here.

You can also check the sample itinerary for your wedding week here. 


30 thoughts on “How Much Does a Hong Kong Wedding Cost?

  1. Yikes! Weddings in general can get expensive, it’s good to hear you guys have found a way to get married without breaking the bank! I wish you luck 😀

      1. How long do we need to stay in hongkong for everything to be done.what is the best day of the week to get to hongkong before the marriage?

      2. Hi hello.
        Do i need to bring a friend or relative as a witness?or do u think i can get somebody there as a witness.because i dont we dont know anybody in hongkong.thank u

      3. Anyone can be a witness. All they need is a passport or HK identity card. You can look for some Pinays by the park across the city hall or around cotton tree drive. Luckily, that is where they hang out. You should look for the witnesses a day or two before the wedding. 🙂

      4. Can u pls give me assistance or idea on how & where exactly we will look for a guesthouse

        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. Hi if both of us live outside hongkong it says on the website that one of us should go to the marriage registry on the date of the appointment and to submit and sign the documents.

    what I understand on your blog is we can download the form online and have the first page notarized and send it back to them by mail so we dont need to go to the marriage registry office.

    1. Hi. Yes. You are right that you can send in the application or “the notice” by mail with the first page notarized. But both of you must report to the registry/IMMD office 2 or 3 days before your scheduled wedding.

    1. Hello. We got married at HK City Hall Marriage Registry. There is no payment required. We treated our witnesses in a restaurant right after.

      1. I see… because I read about reserving a hall and for that, it requires 3months ahead for reservation. Did you also book one?

      2. When you send in your application, you will indicate which venue do you prefer.. there are 2 of them. Upon completion of application and approval, the hall is reserved for you. No need to pay extra.. it is included in the wedding ceremony fee of about 705 HK dollars, if i remember it right.

      1. How will i write the name in the notice for the intended marriage form? Is it first name first??

      2. The form has the label “name” and “surname” as far as I can remember.. but if it is only “name” then write your given name + middle name + surname.

  3. Hi, I just want to ask if the marriage certificate is only notarized in HK is it acceptable in our country? Or is it better to get an apostille stamp? Thank you

  4. What I wanted to know is the apostille stamp you applied in the high court after you reported your marriage in Philippine consulate. Is the marriage certificate needs to be notarized after or getting an apostille stamp from the high court is enough? Thank you.

  5. mam may,page po b kau,s fb? we’re planning to have oir wedding here in hk wth my Latvian bf..I will ask more details po about the wedding here in hk..thank u

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