Why not forever?

forever.jpgvia Photo Challenge: Transient

There are things in this life that exist within a limited period. Some are not durable enough to stand the tests of time. Or, some others were deemed to be unnecessary for long.

Though, in one way or another, there are phases we wish would be through quickly or have not happened at all, it seems like most of the beautiful things we can treasure comes with an expiry date. Even life itself.

The pain or disappointment brought about by the end of temporary things made me dislike the word. I mean, there are really things that we wish could stay forever, right? So, why do these beautiful things have to end? Or, why do the good times have to halt?

Nevertheless, we were born and eventually cease to exist one day. The normal cycle of life involves getting attached to people, and having to deal with growing apart from them. It’s just like taking care of the plant in your garden until you see it blossom, and sadly seeing its beautiful flower wither.


There are reasons everything is temporary. Or, there are factors that make people jump out of our life. But, everything will be rearranged and replaced. In the hearts of some people, we can even be replaced. We have to deal with it. Life can be likened to the tide that brings a beautiful starfish at dawn and wash it away at the end of the day. Do not be scared feeling like you are not in the right place and time.


As we live, there are things that are sent our way to strengthen or awaken us. You just have to be ready to take the ride. Have you ever thought that your determination and hard work aren’t taking you where you wanted to be?  It seems disappointing to feel you are not, after all, the right fit for whatever. But who knows, if you enjoy the ride and do not take it against yourself, you will be somewhere else the next day. Enjoy drifting with the tide like the log that survived the rough seas . Learn something new.


If we can choose, I bet we would all fight for the status quo of happiness, security, love and laughter. But, should we choose for life to be this way, do we even know how to be happy after all? To be appreciative of things we know won’t last? How will we feel about not having to experience adventures? Or have no growth at all?

Life is a ride, and it has many train stops. Your life might be a little messy now, but it’s not forever. Why not forever? Coz nothing can last this long. Even us are transients in this world. ❤


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