Romance Meets Reality 2: Dealing with Distance


Hello everyone!dealing with distance It has been a while, and it seems like the forced hiatus had been longer than expected. ­čÖé I was caught in the middle of a mountain of workload; at the kindergarten, graduate school and everything in between. (winks)


I may had been on a little break from the blogging world, but that doesn’t mean I ran out of the things to write about. ­čÖé In fact, I had been asked a bunch of questions, both personally and through private messages. A lot of my friends asked me questions like, “how do you deal with being apart from Chris?” I guess this is something I would love to write about as a comeback post. ­čÖé

So, how do we deal with being apart?

When we started our relationship over a year ago, we kinda know what challenges come with it, and distance being one of the major issues. Of course, personally, I was afraid and nervous but I know it is worth the risk. The time away from each other can be daunting and are likely to get tough at times, but taking it from a different perspective meant it would be something that would positively impact our relationship.

First, it makes us appreciate “US”. They said you will not truly appreciate a thing until it is out of reach. Yep, for us, being physically out of reach which is temporary. It makes the shared laughter and the holding hands even more meaningful. Gives more weight to the simple actions┬álike┬árushing to the kitchen and bringing a glass of water coz one of you just had hiccup or was choked by┬áhis/her saliva :D. It makes sense of the simplest things we may take for granted.Yep, missing the one you love can be quite a healthy exercise. It makes you look at being together again at a totally different heights.

Second, it helps us grow more independent while having each other’s back. How is that possible then, people may ask us. Being apart is not a perfectly bad state. Instead, it provides more leeway for lovers to get enough “me time” and pursue their individual goals. We wish to grow as individuals and members of our “little powerhouse team”. We can both accomplish our career goals and celebrate each other’s success. Yep, we see our individual strengths as a pillar for a stable relationship. Believe me, when you are truly in love with someone you can’t be with every single day, the days you get to spend together are the happiest you can have.

Third, we learned that being in a relationship is staying together by choice. Though you may be separated physically, it is the hearts that stay close, never leaving and despite the thousand miles in between, keep coming back for each other.  The distance helps water the love to grow even more stronger. Think about blushing after he/she said something from the other side of the world. Also, contemplate on the commitment you are making by creating a home in the heart of another person so far away when there are a lot of people offering the same near you.

Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Sprinkle this with distance and time zones, and you get to see how long distance relationships are not for the faint-hearted ones.

How about you? What are the challenges you had being apart?

Thanks for dropping by. ┬áKeep the love alive ÔŁĄ