Documents for Getting Married in Hong Kong for Pinays and Foreigners

documents for Pinay and foreigners.jpgAre you getting married in Hong Kong with your foreign boyfriend (or maybe girlfriend)? If you are contemplating on getting married in Hong Kong with the love of your life, then it is expected, as with anything, anywhere, that you will have to get on the paper work. Good thing, it is much easier to process your papers to get married in Hong Kong than in the Philippines (only speaking from my paperwork experience).

So, to be able to get married in Hong Kong, the first step is to write an inquiry (through an email) at This is how you will secure your first document for submission, The Notice.  (see what I have written to the IMMD, here)

  1. The Notice of Intended Marriage or “the notice” sent by the IMMD in Hong Kong will have several pages with English and Chinese texts. If you are both single (never been married), then accomplish the FIRST THREE PAGES ONLY. Do not forget to have the PAGE 1 notarized. (See how the notice looks like, here) It should be noted that if you are a Filipina, you must have your middle name (your mom’s maiden name) written in the box provided for Surname and Name on Page 1. (I made a mistake of not including my middle name the first time I sent the notice, so IMMD sent me a message requiring me (or whoever is the party giving the notice) to have the first page amended to include my middle name (as it appears in my passport), have it notarized, and send it back (yep, it costs some money, too). It is only then that your application to get married in Hong Kong will be considered and the process for doing so resumes.
  2. The international birth certificates (yours and that of your fiancé/fiancee) should also be sent to the IMMD office in Hong Kong. It is better to send a colored photocopy of each of your birth certificates. International birth certificates means, the document should be in ENGLISH.
  3. A photocopy of your passports must also be sent together with requirements 1 and 2. Send only the photocopy of the information page, not the whole passport.
  4. A photocopy of the Pinay’s CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) from PSA should also accompany the first three documents. This costs around P 170.00 pesos if requested directly from your local NSA office. If you will request for this in the mall, expect a P20.00 service fee for each copy and a week of turn-around time.
  5. Bank Draft payable in Hong Kong Dollars or US dollars. Please be mindful that when the bank draft isn’t payable in Hong Kong dollars, you will have to shoulder the HK100-dollar handling fee. In our case, since we cannot find a bank that issues bank drafts in HK dollars, we opted for US dollars.Kindly inquire about the exact amount you will have to pay for this from IMMD. You can ask a bank draft from Maybank with a US 7.00-dollar service fee.


After you have completed all the documents, send your express mail (takes 7 days maximum from the Philippines to Hong Kong and cost between P917.00 to P1,130.00) to

The Marriage Registration and Records Office
3/F, Low Block Queensway Government Offices
66 Queensway, Hong Kong

It is cheaper to send it through your local post office (though it will be quite uncomfortable given the clutter and the number of people who go there) than to send it in satellite postal offices in your local malls (my preference as it is comfortable and accepts mails up to 6 PM). Despite your mail being properly addressed, be ready to write the SENDER and RECEIVER information twice for your express mail – one on the slip with your tracking number and the other on the plastic packet. Yes, better practice writing in BLOCK letters. 🙂

After you have sent the mail to  Hong Kong, wait for some days to receive a reply regarding your schedule to get married in Hong Kong City Hall or the Cotton Tree Drive.

While waiting, make sure to plan your itinerary so you won’t waste time, set your budget as it is expensive in Hong Kong, book your accommodation, prepare documents needed for reporting you marriage to the Philippine Consulate and for the Apostille at the Hong Kong High Court, research about your routes to and from the hotel and the offices you must go to.

Anyone else who has gotten married in Hong Kong or is planning to do so?

254 thoughts on “Documents for Getting Married in Hong Kong for Pinays and Foreigners

  1. Hi fraum, i just want to ask.. If my mom will be the one to send the documents personally?? Does she still have to make an appoinent to pass it?? Thankyou

  2. Hi Fraum, thank you so much for your information. My german fiance and me pinay is having a plan also to get married in hongkong and im really happy that i find your blog. its really helpful. Just wanna ask, what does it mean bank draft? does it mean that i have to pay IMMD together with the documents?

    1. Hi there!! Happy to hear about the wedding plans from another Fil-Deutsch couple. 🙂 A bank draft is like a manager’s cheque.. you get this from most PH banks. Yes.. you will pay the IMMD for filing the application (the notice) to marry in HK.

  3. hi again fraum, my fiance is divorced, does he need a divorced paper or how is it in the form to be filled up because you mention for both single.

  4. Hi Fraum once again, thank you in advance for your blog. Just wanna ask about Surname, Name, Should i write in this way White Ty Shallow. My first name is Shalow, Ty is my middle name and White is my surname. Is this right? And it is also possible to send through LBC? Thank You for the response in advance. I really appreciate,


      1. Hi good morning I see your blog and read it I am Filipina and my fiance is German we had plan to married in Hong Kong but in sample paper form that you need to fill up,they said write my name in Chinese how it possible that I don’t know how to write my name in Chinese? Sorry but I need information about it can you help me?

    1. The earliest period that you can send the papers is on or after March 4… but you can even do it up to 2 weeks before your desired date (but quite tricky with the available slots left).

  5. Thank you for your response..medyo pain in the ass ang pagpapagawa ng demand hopefully magkaroon na kami and masend documents before the end of march..and ngaun as per the email they sent me, not normally required na daw yung single certificate or birth certificate under normal circumstance..saka na lang daw isend if nagrequest Registrar..thanks po ulit 🙂

    1. Hi LJ, your right, Just asking where you nagpagawa ng demand draft? Kc until now yan na lang ang kulang sa amin. Nagpadla me cash hindi nila tinanggap. Please I need an advice.

  6. Hi Fraum,
    Great blog.
    Tanong ko lang kasi my fiance is now in hongkong to file the Notice pero hindi nya na notarize yung first page dito sa pinas (where we stay). Pwd nya ba e notarize sa hongkong instead?

    1. Hello! Thanks for finding the blog great. As for your question, I have no direct knowledge how it works with notarization outside PH for Pinoys. I think it is safe to just ask the IMMD what works in this case para walang hassle. 🙂 total nasa HK naman sya personally now.

    2. Hello Fraum,
      Thanks for the answer.He did filed with no hassle..i mean just our passport and the application.. Probably the BC for both and the my Cenomar is for the Philippine consulate.:)

      More power Fraum!:)♥♥♥

  7. Hi Fraum, how r u? hope all is well. Once again, I have a question again, Is it possible not to include the cenomar anyway they are not requiring it. And also I want to ask for a suggestion co’z our translated papers takes time to make it. So probably Our paper will be fine last week of March. And my fiance is going back to Germany on June. Do you think is it fine to send the papers last week of March? And we want to have an schedule for marriage rites about May. Co’z maybe they give us an schedule on June. What do you think is the best time to send the papers? Co’z I guess it’s only 3 months. Thank You in advance for your response. God Bless.

    1. If they don’t ask for the CENOMAR then.. don’t send it.. but save it for PH consulate. Why do you have to translate the paper? What document is it exactly? If it is his BC, he can get it in the International version… not tge German copy. And.. it is okay to submit the paper by that period.. ang 3 months is the earlieast time.. so, don’t worry much.

      1. Thank you so much appreciate, really! Yeah, your right he’s BC and he’s divorced paper. But I have no idea that it is possible to get the int. copy of this papers. It’s quite expensive for translation and also he got he’s BC from Germany from he’s friend which was also expensive through DHL to get in here. But thank you for that info. God Bless!

      2. I am not sure if the divorce paper can be international… but the BC is absolutely available. Takes only some minutes to ask for this online. 🙂 That’s okay.. this will be over soon and that will be worth it.

  8. Hi Fraum!
    Your are such an angel sent to us for those who wants to marry in Hong kong. Your blog is very informative and your so nice to answer every inquiry.
    I have an Aunt in Hong Kong would it be possible if I just send her all the document and she will be the one to file for the Intent to marry personally so that instead of having a bank draft she can pay it in HK dollar. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello Belle!! Thanks! That made my day. 😀
      Yes.. you can have your aunt as your representative to file the notice and pey the fees.

  9. Hi, Fraum, I’m sorry if I still have some question? But of course my token of gratitude is deep in my heart. Thank you so much! My question is, Do you think it is ok to put the philippines as his residential address of my fiance, anyway he has a residential house but still a tourist. Thank You again for your response.

  10. Hi Fraum, document is sent but still no response, almost 20 days that I’m waiting. Do I have to email them for update or I have to wait more days?

    1. Count only the working days.. at times it takes about 15 working days. And holidays are coming too.. so hang in there. You should have a response next week. 😉

  11. Hi Fraum thanks for your vlog. Demand draft na lang problem. wala kc nag iisue ng HKD demand draft dto sa my lugar po namin at 1 month clearing pa if mag open account. Demand draft is really ha hassle. Yung wells fargo kaya kailangan din ng open account nun?

    Maraming salamat sa response

    1. Hi Shallow,

      You can use USD bank draft, sa BDO naggagawa ero dapat me account ka kasi dun ka sa branch of account mo papagawa. pa compute ka ke HK govt if magkano pag USD ang bayad, soli naman nila pag sobra bayad mo.

      1. Hello Po sa inyong lahat,ask ko Po Sana kung mga ilang weeks Po ba mostly magbigay Ng date wedd.ang marriage registry office?baka mayroon Po dito naka experience Gaya smin,7days na Kasi after namin send but till now Wala pa reply. Kasi Po Sabi send na namin at na notary na Po ito Ang wait nalang namin is wedding date schedule na ibibigay nila.

  12. HI, I find your blog really useful.
    Tanong ko lang sana, needed ba talaga ang BC kasi sa inquiry na na send ko sa IMMD , you need this only if youre under 21 years old.
    Also, so bale isang bese lng kayo pumunta ng HK for wedding purposes, the wedding ceremony itself?
    After they’ve confirmed receipt of our documents, what should we do and what will happen next?

    1. Hi. Good to know it has been of help.
      In our case, the registry asked for a BC.. (Maybe may changes).
      Yes.. we flew to HK once…
      Give them about 14 days to process your application and give you a schedule.

  13. Hello po. Ask ko lang po, pwede bang magpakasal sa hongkong kapag dh ako diyan sa bf kOKng indian? And how long the process para sa mga papers? Thanks in advance

  14. Hi fraum!

    Too late to read comments regarding my mom’s name ( nilagay ko is married name not maiden😬😞), nareceive na papers namin. You think they will ask for a new info sheet? i hope not 😬. May online submission sila, pero not sure kung if it applies sa overseas applications. I am skeptic to email them.

    1. Hello! They will compare the information on your application, passport, and birth certificate. But, hopefully, it works. You can email them as they are really helpful and efficient. 🙂

      1. yep, agree to fraum, ganyan yun case ko nun sakin wala naman problem, they will tell you rin on that day if all the info you’ve send is correct..

  15. Hi Ms Fraum good day!
    We already had our wedding date this 30th of July and we’re pretty much excited and can’t wait to get married, but i have a little bit problem with the schedule can you help me please about it.
    After married we’re planning to do my Chinese Visa the next day, but im also thinking is it the best way to report it at the Philippine Consulate right after the wedding? Do we need to leave both our passports to the Ph.Consulate?, Are they going to give us back my PSA Birth, CENOMAR and Marriage Certificate after we report it?

    Your reply is much appreciated, hope you’ll give time on answering my problem..
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hey.. great to hear that! As for your concern… first, i suggest you email the PH consulate in HK as i have heard from some couples that they do not process ROM anymore. This is because effective May 2019, PH became a member of the Apostille Convention. (But, only PH consulate in HK can give you information where you can have it recognized sa Pinas). If you happen to have it reported, they will return the original papers right away (our case). To be sure, pwedi ka namang kumuha ng extra copy sa PSA just to be really sure just in case may changes sa processing. Thanks for the update 🙂 and best wishes to you both!

  16. Hi Fraum,
    Were planning to get married in hong Kong this coming February with my german boyfriend and me Filipina
    Im very thankful i found your blog. Just i want to ask if i need this bankdraft coz my boyfriend will take care to all the money pay that we need to pay to our wedding and documents. Tnx have nice day.

    1. Hi ana! Great to hear that it has been helpful. 🙂 If your bf is the one processing the papers from here in DE.. then he must ask for a bankdraft here too. It is a requirement for processing your application in hk. All the best!

      1. Hi FrauM tnx for the reply i apreciate it so much. Big help for us. Only i want ask again so he get this bankdraft to germany also me i need get bankdraft to philipine but i dont got a credit cards to bank. God bless.

      2. Hello Ana.. if your bf is the one processing mula Germany, sya lang ang may need ng bankdraft and he has to send this to HK together with the other papers. So.. nope.. hindi mo need kumuha ng bank draft.. isa lang need nyo. 🙂

  17. Hi and thank you for all these useful steps.

    Have you at anytime used their online services to book appointments or reserve your wedding slot at all?

    All the informations mentioned on the HK Government website mentions primarily online applications – I can’t help to notice you didn’t mention online steps at all.

    Does that mean their online portal isn’t relevant to the steps foreigners need to follow in order to complete their application?

    1. Hello.. great to know it has been helpful. We’ve never used the online services as the IMMD told us we need to send it our papers through mail. And yes.. as far as i know, online services don’t work on applications made outside of HK.

  18. hello Fraum,
    ask ko lang how much is all in cost when getting married in Hongkong,I mean the processing of dicuments. thanks for your reply

  19. Hi… i am Filipina and still Legally married to a Filipino but been Separated for 10nyrs now and i am have a foreign bf nkw from USA.. can i file a Divorce or Annulment in hongkong and get married there?
    thank you!

  20. Hi. The information you’ve given is really helpful! Thank you for sharing your experience. Regarding the form, for the “Given names in English”, did you also include your middle name?

  21. Thank you for all the information!
    Can I ask how long it takes for your visa to be granted after submitting all the required documents to the German Embassy in Manila?
    Thank you!

    1. Great to hear from you!
      Unfortunately, i did not have an experience with visa application with German Embassy Manila. But, i knew some people whose visa got approved as early as 2 weeks. I applied for my visa with the Dutch Embassy, and it took me only 4 days. 🙂

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