Documents for Getting Married in Hong Kong for Pinays and Foreigners

documents for Pinay and foreigners.jpgAre you getting married in Hong Kong with your foreign boyfriend (or maybe girlfriend)? If you are contemplating on getting married in Hong Kong with the love of your life, then it is expected, as with anything, anywhere, that you will have to get on the paper work. Good thing, it is much easier to process your papers to get married in Hong Kong than in the Philippines (only speaking from my paperwork experience).

So, to be able to get married in Hong Kong, the first step is to write an inquiry (through an email) at This is how you will secure your first document for submission, The Notice.  (see what I have written to the IMMD, here)

  1. The Notice of Intended Marriage or “the notice” sent by the IMMD in Hong Kong will have several pages with English and Chinese texts. If you are both single (never been married), then accomplish the FIRST THREE PAGES ONLY. Do not forget to have the PAGE 1 notarized. (See how the notice looks like, here) It should be noted that if you are a Filipina, you must have your middle name (your mom’s maiden name) written in the box provided for Surname and Name on Page 1. (I made a mistake of not including my middle name the first time I sent the notice, so IMMD sent me a message requiring me (or whoever is the party giving the notice) to have the first page amended to include my middle name (as it appears in my passport), have it notarized, and send it back (yep, it costs some money, too). It is only then that your application to get married in Hong Kong will be considered and the process for doing so resumes.
  2. The international birth certificates (yours and that of your fiancé/fiancee) should also be sent to the IMMD office in Hong Kong. It is better to send a colored photocopy of each of your birth certificates. International birth certificates means, the document should be in ENGLISH.
  3. A photocopy of your passports must also be sent together with requirements 1 and 2. Send only the photocopy of the information page, not the whole passport.
  4. A photocopy of the Pinay’s CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) from PSA should also accompany the first three documents. This costs around P 170.00 pesos if requested directly from your local NSA office. If you will request for this in the mall, expect a P20.00 service fee for each copy and a week of turn-around time.
  5. Bank Draft payable in Hong Kong Dollars or US dollars. Please be mindful that when the bank draft isn’t payable in Hong Kong dollars, you will have to shoulder the HK100-dollar handling fee. In our case, since we cannot find a bank that issues bank drafts in HK dollars, we opted for US dollars.Kindly inquire about the exact amount you will have to pay for this from IMMD. You can ask a bank draft from Maybank with a US 7.00-dollar service fee.


After you have completed all the documents, send your express mail (takes 7 days maximum from the Philippines to Hong Kong and cost between P917.00 to P1,130.00) to

The Marriage Registration and Records Office
3/F, Low Block Queensway Government Offices
66 Queensway, Hong Kong

It is cheaper to send it through your local post office (though it will be quite uncomfortable given the clutter and the number of people who go there) than to send it in satellite postal offices in your local malls (my preference as it is comfortable and accepts mails up to 6 PM). Despite your mail being properly addressed, be ready to write the SENDER and RECEIVER information twice for your express mail – one on the slip with your tracking number and the other on the plastic packet. Yes, better practice writing in BLOCK letters. 🙂

After you have sent the mail to  Hong Kong, wait for some days to receive a reply regarding your schedule to get married in Hong Kong City Hall or the Cotton Tree Drive.

While waiting, make sure to plan your itinerary so you won’t waste time, set your budget as it is expensive in Hong Kong, book your accommodation, prepare documents needed for reporting you marriage to the Philippine Consulate and for the Apostille at the Hong Kong High Court, research about your routes to and from the hotel and the offices you must go to.

Anyone else who has gotten married in Hong Kong or is planning to do so?


172 thoughts on “Documents for Getting Married in Hong Kong for Pinays and Foreigners

  1. hi! is required to have a CENOMAR together with Notice of Intended Marriage? me(single) and my girlfriend(divorced) are planning to have a marriage in HK.

    1. Hi. In our case, yes we submitted my CENOMAR. We were both single. I suggest you send a copy of the divorce paper too. You need both too when you report your marriage to the Phil Consulate.

      1. Hi, i am single and my girlfriend married in Philippines but she got divorce in Canada, she has permament residence. Is it possible to marry in HK? Still she is using Philippines passport.

      2. Hi, would you advise how to recognize Canadian divorce in The Philippines please? Thank you for helping!

      3. I have no idea about this.. i think she better call the Philippine Embassy where she lives and ask how to have a recognition for a foreign divorce.

      4. Hi fraum we are planning to get married den sa hk after wedding nyo ba makuha na agad yun certificate of marriage ?tapos pede na agad mag report sa consulate un after wedding agad agad kase sis 10 days lang kami sa hk possible na ma sort out lahat ng 10 days stay thanks sis

      5. Hi… yes.. you can get the marriage cert right away and report it directly sa PH consulate. 10 days is long enough for this.. you have lots of time for other things with this time frame. 🙂

      6. Hello, just want to ask because I sent an original cenomar to hong kong marriage office together with our papers last August 25, 2018. Do I need to bring another cenomar for the present month for the Philippine Consolate? Thank you. Hope to heae from you very soon. Thanks for a very helpful blog.


  2. Hello,

    How long did it take for the Hongkong marriage office to reply via email once they receive the paperwork?

    The reason I asked is that I have sent the required paperwork and was received and signed last September 14. However, I havent receive any email yet for confirmation of receipt of my request.


    1. Hi Isabelle! I sent mine on the 27th and DHL tracking said it was received and signed on the 29th. As of today, my application is still on “active processing”.

      Can I ask how long you received an email confirmation with your wedding date?

      1. Hello Fraum! You are right! I just got the response today after 10days. Now preparing for the wedding. Thank you so much. This blog became like a bible to me. 🙂

      2. You are welcome, Maya! I am happy the blog has been of help to you and your fiance. Congratulations in advance and best wishes! ♡

      3. Hi Maya! Where were you able to get a bank draft? I want to know if they accept bank drafts from BPI Family. I heard they accept one from just BPI Savings but that is different from BPI Family. I’m worried they won’t accept mine. Hope to hear from you.

      4. Hi Nina, not sure if you still need inputs on this but based on the most recent list of accredited banks that the immigration office sent me, they no longer have BPI. I specifically asked if they can still honor BPI but they said to ask the bank itself if they have a partner bank in Hong Kong that can process the bank draft.

        With this, I ended up getting from PNB and in USD too. You just have to include the actual processing fee in dollars as part of the draft. In my case last month, I sent a bank draft of USD 55.

        Also, if you need help in arranging the ceremony itself in HK, you may want to connect to a group of Filipinos that helped me in my wedding there. You can find them on FB as blissjamhk.

        Hope this helps!

  3. Hi! Is it okay to get married in HK if both are Filipino Citizens? Neither is working in HK, more of a Civil Wedding the difference is it will only be held in HK?

  4. Hi, is it possible for us to fly to HK only towards the date of intended marriage or are we required to show up prior and register the notice of intended marriage in person?

      1. So there’s no need to arrive in HK like 2 weeks before the intended date of marriage? I thought one of the marrying parties has to give the notice in person.. In your case, how many days before your wedding date did you arrive in HK?

  5. Hi,me and german fiance we plan to get marry in hk to make it fast too.
    Just want to ask if what are the requirements to get the legal capacity of marriage in germany?

      1. Talaga po?my fiance is a german po and hndi nya na kailangan ng legal capacity for marriage..yng sa standesamt ata yun..salamat

      2. Of course. Pag sa HK at may apostille stamp, valid agad yun sa DE. Ireport nyo din kaagad ang wedding sa PH consulate sa HK para after 3 months, may PSA copy na kayu ng marriage contract.

      3. Danke schon!
        Actually this dec kami magpapakasal pero natagalan po yng isang paper kaya next year nmn.pero next year gusto nmin month of may..

  6. Hi ma’am,can i ask a favor po?
    Medyo nahirapan po kasi ako sa pagfill up ng form na binigay nila can u help me po b ma’am.salamat po

  7. Hi maam. I just want to have a favor. I already received the reply from the enquiry. And I already print out the forms. I need some help to fill out the forms because I am 20 years old and my German fiance is already divorced. Thank you so much. I hope to hear your response!

    1. Hi Mae! I think you need the certificate of finality of his divorce paper and to fill out the succeeding form for the notice of intended marriage. Please send me a message through the contact form of this blog so you may send me the form.

      1. Hi maam. This is Mae, can I have your email so that I can send you the forms that I received from Hongkong. I was been busy, so this time I need to fill up the form, and I need your help. Hope to hear you soon. Happy Eastern and God Bless.

  8. Hi Fraum! It’s mentioned here that photocopy of passport and birth certificate are needed, can I send scanned copy instead? It would take at least 2 weeks to get papers from Germany and it’s a bit bothersome…

    1. Please disregard my previous message. I reread carefully and what I understand is that I have to send the original birth certificates along with colored photocopy of them, is it correct?

  9. Hello! salamat nakita ko ang blog mo ang laking tulong sa tulad namin may plano din magpakasal sa HK. Sana matulungan mo ako kasi Ang bf ko filipino na naging canadian citizen. Kailangan pa rin ba namin mag submit ng CENOMAR nya o hindi na kailangan dahil canadian citizen na sya. Thanks!

      1. thanks sa mabilis mong reply.
        Ang ROM na galing sa consulate pwede na ba yon ang dalhin sa DFA para sa change of surname sa passport?

      2. No worries! As with the ROM, i don’t think that’s possible. Since you will be married to a foreign citizen (now canadian) you have to attend, i guess, a seminar in CFO to be able to change your family name in the passport. So, better wait for the PSA copy after about three months.

  10. Hello po. Ask ko Lang Kasi me and my boyfriend planning to get married in HK. He’s a Filipino but now a Canadian citizen. Ang tanong ko po, divorce na po sya sa asaWa nya na Filipina, sa Pilipinas sila nag pakasal pero divorce na sila sa Canada, wala po bang magiging problema kapag nagpa kasal Kami sa HK, Baka po Kasi Hindi sya maka kuha ng cenomar since di naman ina acknowledge ng Philippines ang divorce. Thank you

    1. Hi Joy. I am not quite familiar with something like this. However, I suggest na mag ask kayo sa PSA or sa court for advice. As far as i know, since hindi na sya Filipino citizen, entitled na sya to divorce but i think he has to get that divorce acknowledged dito sa Pinas. I don’t think he needs a cenomar kasi Canadian na nga sya ngayon. Ang problem there is pag nagreport Kayo ng marriage sa PH consulate sa HK, they will forward the record to the Phils through DFA and dyan makikita na married pa sya dito sa Pinas. Baka magkaka prob kayo with the visa application in this case.

      1. Hi mam. My tanong lng po ako plano po kasi namin ng fiance Ko magpakasal sa hk this coming October po. My question is kailan Ko po pwede simulan ang paper works? And paano po ba ang first step? American po ung fiance Ko. Tnx po sa sagot mam.

      2. Hi. You can start the process from the beginning of august or end of july para pasok sa october. You can email to HK to ask for the form, the email address is on the post about documents. 🙂

  11. Your blogs are very informative. They’re helping me and my fiance with the processing of our marriage in Hong Kong. My fiance is a Taiwanese and I am a Filipina. We’re doing it in Hong Kong for the same reasons.

    I have one question regarding one of the comments from your viewers. Can you kindly tell me what you know about ‘legal capacity’?


    1. Hi Nikki. Great that it is of help to you both! The Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry is a requirement when we, pinays or pinoys, will marry a foreigner in the Philippines. In our case, and so with most girls who asked, this document had been the most challenging to fulfill. It would take around 7 months to get this from a city hall in Germany to the Phils. That is why many couples like us opt to marry in HK instead where it is not required.

  12. Hi,
    I submitted mine on March 23rd for July wedding. I was told that my application is under active processing. However, no confirmation email that wedding date is already approved. How long does it usually take to receive approval?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi trixie, when did you recieve an email stating that your docs is under processing? Cause mine has already been 10 days still no email from them. Starting to get worry😓

  13. Hi! Would like to ask something.
    I sent our application a week early.
    We’re planning to get married on July 23 but they got our application April 17.

    Until now we didn’t get any confirmation email that they’ve received our documents.

    Do they send confirmation email or any reference number?

    thank you😊

    1. Hello Nikka,
      They sent me an email when they got my firs submission because I need to correct something. They’ve given me a reference number but upon completion, I did not receive an update anymore. Allow atleast 10-15 business days.

      Hope you’ll receive yours soon!

  14. Hi! Thanks to this Blog it is indeed a Big Help😊
    I got a confirmation email today.

    But they said we have to be there on July 19 to show all the original documents but the thing is we will arrive in Hk on July 19(Thursday) in the evening. Would they consider if we go to there office on the 20th(friday)?

    Our wedding date is the 23rd.

    1. Hi Nikka! Where were you able to get a bank draft? I want to know if they accept bank drafts from BPI Family. I heard they accept one from just BPI Savings but that is different from BPI Family. I’m worried they won’t accept mine. Hope to hear from you.

      1. Hi Nina! Actually it was fiancé who applied and sent the documents to HK. He sent it from the UK. We used HSBC Bank Draft in Pounds (£) since HSBC cannot do it in US dollar or HK dollar. But we just put an extra money cause you have to pay extra for the handling commission fee.

  15. Hi po.

    Paaano niyo po sinulat yung name sa first page?
    Surname, Given Middle Name po ba or Given Middle Surname?

    At okay lang po ba if may mga blanks kung hindi applicable? Hindi ko po kasi sure kung lalagyan ko N/A or leave as blank nalang.

    Patulong naman po.
    Thank you so much.

  16. Hello. Thanks for the blog. It helped us alot. Though I have a question about my fiance passport because it doesnt include his middle name and he will be the one to send the documents to Hong Kong. Is it okay already or the passport should include his middle name? Thank you.

      1. Ow, another question, what if his birth certificate has its middle name on it and the passport hasnt. Is it still okay?

  17. Hi Fraum,

    I just want to say thank you for writing this. It helped me a lot. I got the confirmation email today and I am so excited and thankful.

    Thank you again. 😊

      1. Hi Nikki, I have a question po sa page two po ng form with the box “Given Names” First Name lang po ba yung ilalagay or pati middle name. Mejo confusing po kasi. Sana may idea ka po. 🙂

      1. Hello, in my case, we sent them 60 USD (feb 2018) and received the excess amount refunded to us. Amount depends on exchange rate better send them with excess since theyll return it anyway.

  18. Hello,
    Silly question here.
    Is the package on 8×14 inches paper? Also, in the “surname and name” box, how did you write your name? (Last name, First name Middle name or Last name Middle name, First name)
    Thank you.

  19. Hi, i would like to ask for your help pertaining to the complete list of requirements/papers that i have to present when i get to the airport in NAIA &HK. People were saying unto me that i might be interviewed by the immigration officials when i arrive at the airport specifically in HK. By the way, here’s my email address:

    Hope for your immediate response. Thank you po!

  20. Hi! I got a confirmation date and we’re getting married next month. This may not be related about the process of getting married in HK. But i have a question to those who have been there. (I have travelled to HK last yr with family) but next month I’ll be traveling alone and my fiancé and I is going to meet there at the airport. I have read how HK Immigration are strict when youre traveling alone and possiblity of might get deported (i just read a recent incident about it) I’m really worried since the hotel bookings is under my fiancé’s name and i’m only employed for 7 months. I will be arriving 20min early than he is. Is there anyone who has the same situation as me?

    What necessary docs. Should i brimg with me? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Nikka!

      As far as I know… the PH immigration asks more questions and offloaded more passengers compared to HK immigration. This is especially common to those who has not traveled abroad yet. The key is to convince the PH immig that you are returning to the country; especially that HK is visa-free and may be used as a gateway for human trafficking.
      So there will be no trouble, I suggest the following ..
      1. Dress nicely and appropriately like anyone who can afford to travel.
      2. When asked the purpose of the stay, say vacation and not wedding. I know a number of cases when girls get offloaded coz they said they will marry and PH Immig asked for a CFO certificate. The grooms waited for nothing in HK. 😦
      3. Prepare papers… certificate of approved leave from the company, company ID, your return tickets, and hotel reservation (under your AND your bf’s name. I suggest you edit your reservation details).
      4. If they ask who will join you there (HK), answer honestly that you are with your bf.. then prepare to answer… when did you meet, how, how old is he, how many times has he been in PH, how long have you been together, what is your and his job, etc. Answer honestly and confidently with a smile.

      In HK, prepare the papers in number 3 and answer the same questions. They are particular with hotel reservation and return tickets so get it ready and never panic. You’ve been there, so basically, they have your record, too. Don’t worry, I traveled to HK alone and had to pick up my “ex-boyfriend” at the airport the next day 😀 . If you have the necessary papers, it should be good.

      Goodluck on your travel and wedding day. 🙂

      1. Hi! Thank you for the suggestions and insights. It’s a huge help. I would like to ask what do you mean edit the reservation voucher? Just insert my name? Thank u

  21. Hello, maayong adlaw. Mary from iloilo. I wish you can help me with the form. In the parents section of the notice, do i have to write the maidens name of my mom or is it her married name already?

      1. Vielen Dank 🙂 We will submit the docs tomorrow. Hoping for a speedy reply from them. Helpful gid ka tama ang blog mo maam. DAMO GID NGA SALAMAT.

  22. Hi fraum ask ko lang po sana kung magkakaproblema ba ako sa 2nd page kasi ang nalagay ko is yung married surname na ng mother ko na send ko na po yung papers. 😔

  23. How did you put your details in “Surname and Name” box? is it Surname, Given Name, Middle Name or Surname, Middle Name, Given Name?

  24. Hi po,ask lng po if until what page po ba yung ipapasa sa intended form of marriage if both are single and never been married?And what page lng dapat I notarized?

    1. Hi Karen. They have a new set of form now. If you are both singles.. i think first 5 pages. And the first page is notarized. But, better clarify this with HK or the instructions they will send you.

      1. Danke schön:)for the information it’s a big help.You’re blog is very useful to those people who have no ideas and experience yet..:)

      1. Thank you sis.. Kaso late na ata if ever mag inquiry ako.. We will be at hk kasi on Nov 1st week that why we want to grab the chance to get married there, when I count 2 months na lang.. Sayang..

      2. I think abot pa. We got married May 18 and I only sent my requirements via DHL ng last week of March. So that’s roughly 1.5 months. Efficient naman sila dun..

      1. Got one from PNB. You need an account in the bank but not necessarily dollar account. We used the account of my husband’s mom since we didn’t have an account in PNB.

        You may ask around if you know anyone who has an account within the accredited banks and ask them request on your behalf. Deposit the amount na lang in their account..

  25. Sa Bdo naman ako nakakuha. Basta meron kang bank account sa kanila. Medyo hesitant lang un branch na mag release dahil no refuns un in case man me error ka malagay. Its like a cheque lang na issue nila. I suggest bettwr exceed un amount kae flactuating ang exchange rate. Irrefund naman ng HK gov ang excess na bayad mo 🙂 goodluck sis!
    Wedding done in July waiting nalang ako for marriage cert sa PSA…

    1. Hi, nasunod mo ba yung surname then given names and middle name? Kasi hindi ko nalagay yung middle name ko 😦 and we just submitted the notice last week and we intend to marry this 1st week October.

    2. Ahh Okies.. Nag asked nga ko BDO.. Medyo hesitant nga.. Tapos need ko pa dala dollar, sana ma complete ko docs within the week.. Cenomar na lang

      1. Ay oo need mo ng dollar. Basta be firm k lang na sure kang di maghahabol
        Sa kanila incase hehe.
        Gopdluck sayo and congrats in advance.

  26. Nso releases marriage contract after 2-3 months right? For example
    If the wedding date is on November, can I ask appointment for FRV while waiting for the NSO marriage contract?
    Anyways it is just the appointment and with the policy now, it takes 5 months to have frv appoinment. If wedding is Oct,
    JAN I will get the nso
    So maybe NOV I can email the german embassy for the frv? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Em.. the transmittal of ROM from HK to PH takes about 2 to 3 months.. you can then request for the PSA copy in Manila (central office) when you have the despatch number. If you live outside Manila.. give it 2 to 3 weeks more. I knew a couple of people who asked for an appoinment after HK.. it was not a problem.

  27. Or how about while also waiting for the wedding date, can we email the embassy for the FRV ? Thanks in advance. Your blog is really informative.

  28. @trixie

    Thank you got all the docs today, for bank draft na lang.. Pano nyu send yung copy letter size lang OK nman ba? Wala kasing instructions what size ng paper dapat I print..

  29. Hi Frau,in our documents case there is a lil scratch on the upper right of the intended form because the form was pasted while it is in the envelope so my man got a problem on that hopefully hk will still honor that for all the informations are still intact also and he provides also another copy of it just incase.

  30. Hi fraum and nikka,

    Thank you for the tips and guides.. Done marrying in hk.. I’m still amazed on the process, it’s really convenient and fast..

  31. Hi frau me and my husband was married in hk on first week of august.
    I expect to have the marriage cert at the local registry PSA in my hometown here in mindanao. But when i got there. They told me it takes 6 months.
    How did you get your frau. And how long it was. Thank you.

    1. Wait for the email from PH consulate with your transmittal number. It is only then that you can have your PSA copy. I had our transmittal after 6 weeks. Since you said you got married on the first week of August, your documents were processed by the end of that month and sent to PH. Give it a little time. Got our PSA copy from the PSA regional office 3 months after we got married.

      1. I got the email.
        But after one day. One woman emailed me claiming that it was her despatch number and a marriage cert ready for pick at the PSA.
        I was really confused.

      2. Wag po kayo makinig sa sinabi ng iba. Ang transmittal details na binigay namin ay iisa lang para sa lahat ng Reports of Marriage ng August. Ibig sabihin, pare-pareho po kayo ng transmittsl details kung August po kayo lahat nag report.

        Thanks frau. This is the email i recieve from ph con.

  32. Hi Frau,

    Your posts are indeed helpful! I am getting married on the 28th in HK and I found important details here. I made the same mistake of not including my middle name so I had to send a rectified form again. We are almost done with necessary things for this event aside from accommodation.

  33. Hello Fraum. Thanks for the great advice. I live in China and have had the notice of marriage notorised but I am struggling to get a bank draft to pay. Can I have a friend in the Philippines pay for me and if so, how would I do this? Thank you. Kieran

    1. If you have a friend who can get a bankdraft for you in PH.. you can mail this together with the documents. You can also ask somebody to pay the fee directly in HK. 🙂

  34. Hi, I’d like to ask on the names of the parents. Should I follow what is reflected on my birth certificate? My dad’s name on my birth certificate is different from what is on his passport (kulang ng 1 name).

  35. hello… I am a Filipina and my Fiancee is from SWitzerland are planning to get married in HK…what document we need especially he is a Swiss. and how much it cost to get married there?

      1. Hi Fraum…thank you for all the infos here..but still struggling to puzzle it all, where to get that notice for marriage. did you pay something like HK1900 for the marriage as I see in the internet or is it more? can you pls email me . thank you ….

      2. Hi Joy! To get the notice for marriage.. email and ask the form from
        For the payments ( I am not sure if there were recent changes, though) kindly see this post –
        If you still have further inquiries, or need personalized assistance, pls send me a message through my contact form in this blog –
        Have a great day! 🙂

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