Reporting Your Marriage to the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong


We’re married. That’s it. Why must we report our marriage to the Philippine Consulate?

If this has ever crossed your mind at once, please try to think of this: UNREPORTED MARRIAGES OUTSIDE THE PHILIPPINES WILL NOT BE RECOGNIZED. Unless you both just want to do it like they do in Las Vegas, that “just for fun and you can change your mind tomorrow” thing, then you might as well do so as you pleased.

According to the Office of the Solicitor General of the Philippines:

“A marriage where one or both of the contracting parties is a Filipino citizen must be reported to the Consulate in order for the said marriage to be properly registered and recorded with the Office of the Civil Registrar General in Manila.”

Why report your marriage? It is as simple as:


And so you are done with the paperwork at the Hong Kong City Hall Marriage Registry or the Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry. What’s the next step? After you have treated your two witnesses to a meal, you might as well proceed to the Philippine Consulate General’s Office located at the 14th floor of the United Centre in Queensway.

For a smooth transaction, prepare the ORIGINAL AND THREE PHOTOCOPIES of the following beforehand: (Don’t worry, they will return the original documents to you right away. It is only for verification.)

  1. Duly accomplished Report of Marriage Forms in 4 original copies (signatures must be original). This can be downloaded from the Philippine Consulate’s website. Be sure the information you reflected here is the same with what appears on your marriage certificate from Hong Kong.  (You can also ask for the ROM form at the Philippine Consulate’s Civil Registry Office. You can fill out just one form and have three copies but your signatures must be original.)
  2. The couple’s passports.
  3. Original NSO/PSA copy of the wife’s Birth Certificate in security paper (SECPA) and three copies of this. Note that the authenticated PSA/NSO certificates mentioned here are those issued by the PSA/NSO in security paper.
    • In case the Filipino spouse is a widow or widower: PSA/NSO Death Certificate of Previous spouse, and PSA/NSO Authenticated Marriage Contract
    • If previous marriage was annulled: PSA/NSO authenticated Marriage Contract with annotation on annulment and Court decree on Annulment duly authenticated by the DFA. 
    • If with divorce initiated by foreign spouse: PSA/NSO Authenticated Marriage Contract with annotation on Divorce of previous marriage, and Court Order issued Philippine Court recognizing the Divorce obtained abroad
  4. Marriage Certificate from Hong Kong Marriage Registry.
  5. CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) of the Filipina wife.

Also be aware of the working days observed by the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong:


18516754_10208860286810576_824933056_oThe processing fee of the Report is HK$200.00, and processing period is two working days.  The express processing fee is one working day (next working day) but you have to pay an express fee of HK$80.00.  No appointment is needed, you can walk in.
What we did to save the time was report the marriage on a Thursday after the wedding and a meal with our witnesses. For our itinerary, check out the previous post. 
Once you report your marriage to the Consulate, they will forward the same to the Philippines on the first week of the next month.  So, since we got married on the third week of April, our record was forwarded to the Philippines on the first week of May. We can then obtain the authenticated copy of the Report of Marriage from the Philippine Statistics Authority/National Statistics Office in 2 to 3 months.
In case you were not be able to report your marriage in person before the Consulate, you may still submit your application for Report of Marriage with the Office of Consular Affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs at ASEANA Business Park (near MOA) for transmittal to Hong Kong SAR. The waiting period, however, to get an authenticated copy of the Report will be longer– 4 to 6 months.  For sure, as much as possible, you wanted to avoid further delays, right? So,it is wise to report it to the Consulate immediately.
Of course, the reason you considered getting married in Hong Kong is the fact that it is one of the quickest way to get the papers done and apply for the Family Reunion Visa.
It is worth to consider that the German Embassy NO LONGER ACCEPT REPORT OF MARRIAGE FOR FAMILY REUNION VISA APPLICATION. We have to wait for the ROM copy to be available from PSA.
If you are interested in Getting Married in Hong Kong, check out the list of documents you needed on the previous post.  You can also start saving for the wedding in Hong Kong with the sample budget in the previous post. 
Don’t know where to begin with the process?  Click here to see how. 

124 thoughts on “Reporting Your Marriage to the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong

  1. Hello. I just got married in HK last June 2017 with my US husband and I am about to return to HK from Manila to get our authenticated copy in the HK marriage registry office and then report to the Philippine consulate. I would like to ask if a divorce copy of my US husband from his previous marriage be needed in the Philippine consulate or only mine if I was divorced another man? Also it would be okay if I am the only one to report in person coz my husband is in the US at the moment and not able to come with me when I go back to HK.. please respond asap, it is a great help if you could. Thank you.

    Respectfully yours,

    Ly from Philippines

    1. Hi Ly,
      I am not quite sure if the consulate needs the divorce paper as our circumstance is different. We were never married before. Anyhow, to save yourself from the hassle, prepare the divorce papers and three photocopies for each of your dcouments for submission. Fill out the ROM form with both your original signatures. As to reporting the marriage alone, I also do not know. I suggest you email the consulate beforehand.

  2. Hello… Been following your blog for a while now and it’s been a great help in my preparations. Thank you for being so detailed. Anyway, this might be redundant but I want to make sure I understand correctly. For the report of marriage, you mentioned the ‘authenticated PSA/NSO certificates’ are already those issued by the PSA in security paper, which I want to clarify, don’t need to be authenticated by the DFA anymore, is that right? just the “authenticated” term might be a bit misleading and I want to make sure I have what I need.

    I’m getting married next month in HK and I just secured a fresh PSA copy in PSA security paper and just want to be sure I don’t need to go to DFA for authentication anymore. Thanks!

    1. Hi..Thanks for dropping me a line and for following my blog. Yep, you only need the copy issued by PSA not the one from DFA with a red ribbon. Good luck on your wedding preps! 🙂

  3. I was wondering if you already got your PSA marriage certificate. And if you did, how long did it actually take? Thanks!

    1. The Consulate sent me an email that it is already available at PSA. Haven’t requested for my copy just yet, though. It takes about 3 months.

  4. Oh, that’s cool, you got an email from the Consulate. Yeah, I was just wondering because, well, you know, Philippines. Thanks again for your replies!

  5. Hi Fraum! Your blog is so helpful and so detailed! Thank you for sharing everything you know. 🙂 I am also a Pinay engaged to a Polish guy who is currently working in the UK. Do you have an idea if he also needs to report our marriage to Polish consulate in HK? The reason I ask is because after I get the ROM from PSA, I will then start applying for EEA family permit here in the Philippines to enter the UK. Any help you can extend will be much appreciated. 🙂

    1. Hi Maya! Great to hear it has been helpful! 🙂 If Poland and the UK are members of the Apostille Convention, then there is no need to report the marriage to his embassy.

      1. Hello again 🙂 just wondering if you applied for a passport renewal (reflecting your new surname) after you got married? Because on DFA website one of the requirements is: Report of Marriage duly authenticated by PSA if married abroad — is the ROM issued in HK embassy already PSA authenticated?

      2. Hello! Me again with another question:) Do you know if only one party can come back the following day after reporting the marriage to PH embassy (express)?
        The reason being my fiance will leave one day before me. 😦

      3. It is okay Maya. The next day you will only have to pick up the ROM and the submitted documents and maybe bring the MC to the high court which doesn’t need signing for both of you.

  6. hi, what’s the express fee for? does it mean if we’ll report our marriage on Oct. 7 can we get the Report from Consulate on Oct. 9? And can fly back to Phils. on Oct. 9 too? thanks.

    1. Hello heart! Express fee is for the next day release of ROM. You can then get the original copy of the HK marriage cert which you can bring to the high court for apostille. October 7 is a saturday and the consulate is closed. The Phil Consulate is open from Sunday to Thursday. So you can report the marriage on the 5th or the 8th and get the ROM on the next working day.

  7. Hello everyone, Just wanna ask if – Is there any similar case with me here…. or anyone could give an advice…

    In my case, I was married to a Filipino and I filed a divorce in Hong Kong, in 2015 I got my divorce papers. But I did not file a petition for the recognition of my divorce at the PSA because I know this will not work since Phils have no divorce for both Filipino citizen.

    Now I’m here in Germany and remarried just last month, since the divorce in HK was recognised here. My question is…. Is it really necessary to report the marriage to the Phil Embassy? Knowing the conflicts that in Phils record- PSA my previous marriage was not yet annulled. I was just thinking of not reporting my marriage here in Germany unless I got my first marriage annulled. Is there any consequences if one would not report their marriage abroad?

    Thanks and looking so much to hear your advice…


    1. Yes. Without the recognition of the divorce, you remain married in PH. The consequence is that your marriage won’t be recognized in PH too.

      1. Hello again Fraum! I got an email yesterday from Phil consulate that our ROM has already been forwarded to DFA Manila for onward transmittal to the PSA/NSO.

        Did you go to the main office before to secure a copy after receiving an email? Thank you in advance as always.

      2. Hi Maya!! Great to know. Nope.. i got it from the local PSA office some weeks after i received the email. 🙂

  8. Hi thank you nga pala sa pag share ng wedding experience mo sa HK. Big help pr sa tulad ko (pinay) may Balak din pakasal sa HK. Tanong ko lang ang ROM na galing sa Phil.embassy sa HK ay accept ba ng DFA sa pag change ng last name sa passport? Oh kailangan talaga maghintay na maging available sa PSA ang ROM bago pumunta sa DFA pr sa renewal of passport. Thanks in advance😊

    1. Hello. Glad to be of help. 🙂
      Regarding sa change nga name, pag foreigner ang asawa.. we should attend a CFO seminar first. I just don’t know kung sa DFA accepted ba ang ROM from consulate.

  9. Hi Fraum! Just want to ask if the other 3 copies of NSO birth certificate and cenomar must be authenticated to be submitted at the Philippine Consulate in hk? Thank you.

  10. Hi Fraum thanks for sharing. need your opinion on this. I’m 24 years old pinay. Planning to get married in Hong Kong. Just wanna ask if mag kakaproblem sa airport immigration if you declare na ang reason for leaving the country is magpapakasal and ?Not much of a tour kumbaga

    And also do they(immigration officers) have the right to question me pa ba for my intent to get married for my age is 24 lang? and satin in Philippine 25+ years old lang ang free na free at pwede na mag pakasal without the needs of certain consent or advice papers.

    1. Hi there. I have read countless stories of girls getting offloaded kasi sinabi na ang purpose is magpapakasal. We have laws kasi in marrying foreigners, which is for our good din naman, kaya lang ang haba ng process. I suggest you just say you will only have a vacation. Be consistent with this, kasi they will spot if we are making up stories pag paiba2 story natin.

      1. Thank you po sa response. Seem safe to declare as tour only talaga. In my case po my foreigner fiancee would be leaving for Hong Kong from here kasama ako. Would it be better to act like hindi na lang kami mag kasama? Or okay lang as fiancees na mag tour together? Red flag padin po ba pati yun accompanied by a foreigner 😴. Or am I over thinking lang on that note 😊

      2. Okay lang na magkasama kayo. Just say magbabakasyon kayu dun. Just prepare your approved leave letter from employment mo plus mga IDs. Much better pag may pera ka din. Usually, pag may kasamang foreigner, they ask kung sino ang gagastos sa tour. Pag si BF, he will sign an affidavit sa immigration.

  11. Hi FrauM, we have appointed a civil celebrant to officiate our marriage in HK. If the marriage certificate is signed by them, will it be accepted for Apostille?

  12. Thanks for your reply. I read that it is much easier to get married at the registry.
    How did you find your 2 witnesses? ☺️

    1. I have a friend who used to work there. The other we met at our favorite restaurant there who eventually offered to help us.

  13. Hi i need advice we just engaged and we planning to do secret married in Hongkong this coming december ,He’s From U.K and am Filipina.we’re both single what documents we should submit to be able to get married in Hongkong.Please help ,Thank
    Cheers Amor

    1. Hi Amor… all the answers to your questions are found on the blog.. kindly read the blog entries here about getting married in Hong Kong. 🙂

    1. That depends on your submitted documents.. It can take 2 weeks to 3 months. Kindly read the blog posts about getting married in HK here on the blog.

      1. Miss FRAUM, pag armed forces official po ba need ng approval ng Commanding Officer nila? Salamat po

  14. Okay po salamat. Miss FRAUM, pwedi po ba na after namin ma. Report sa consulate is yung pinsan ko nalang kumuha sa ROM and yung na submit na mga doc sa Consulate sa hong kong?. Thursday po kasi yung wedding day and Sunday na ulit sila mag open need na namin bumalik ng pinas after the wedding. Salamat po.

  15. Ms. FRAUM, diba sabi mo sa blog mo pwedi naman cxa sa pinas nalang i report sa Office of Consular Affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs at ASEANA Business Park (near MOA) for transmittal to Hong Kong?. Ang tagal na po kasi pag antayin pa namin aabot kami ng 1 week don. Plan namin after the wedding balik na kami sa pinas pagka evening..

    1. Hi Diane, I don’t think they still accept it there. You better call or email DFA in ASEANA to be certain. Pero sa pagkaka-alam ko, hindi na yata pwedi ngayon. KUng saan kayo ikinasal, doon na yun ireport… just inquire there directly. This blog post is quite old, so some things have changed na din. Your schedule in HK depends on your liking; and it means, there will also be consequences pag di natapos lahat ng required processes.. lalo na sa pag report.

  16. Hello Fraum. I have a different case, i got married in Hk 3yrs ago, and we wasnt able to report it to Philippine consulate. Now we are planning to move to Germany. German embassy is asking for the PSA(marriage). How does it work with late registration and can we process it from manila? Regards

    1. Hi.. I am not sure about this exactly… but I think you can still apply for late registration of marriage. I suggest you call DFA main office in ASEANA and ask for the process of reporting the marriage late.

    2. Hello Anne, We have the same case, May I know If you manage to Report your marriage in Hk? And how does it work? I need to report din Kc ung ROM sa hk DFA.

      Many thanks,

  17. Hi,Ms. Fraum. You mentioned that you get your ROM to the local PSA/NSO. How many additional weeks you wait for you to get it? Thanks in advance for answering my query.😃

      1. Did you coordinate to the DFA Manila to send it to the PSA Provincial office? Or automatically you request and get it to Provincial office?

  18. Hi,

    I am married to a German guy last year in Cotton Tree, also registered in Philippines .. I want an annulment cox he cheated on me with 3 women, all our filipinas, what I can do? I mean as the legal wife.. like what is my rights my benefits.. etc.

    Thank you and pls help me..


    1. Sorry to hear that Chey.. but I think you need to seek a legal advice from a lawyer. The easier option is that he will be the one to file a divorce.

      1. Hi, Thank you for the time and attention..

        Seeking advice is really expensive here in PH, but I will try to do it somehow.. I just want to know some basic rights I have as the wife..

        and also do we need to go to HK for Divorce, and if ever we get divorce in HK is it already considered in PH. I really don’t know where to start.. I’m sorry I have lots of questions. I just believe you could help me in some ways..

        Please help..


      2. You’re right.. that’s quite a difficult and expensive process. Perhaps you can ask the HK authorities how this can be done.. or you can also send an email to PH consulate in HK.

  19. Hello, I am a Filipino and my husband is American. We got married in HK last October 9, 2018 and we immediately went back to the Philippines due to work related concerns. We don’t have enough time to file Report of Marriage in HK Consular Office. Now, my husband went back to US. I have the Certificate of Marriage with me and I want to file Report of Marriage here in the Philippines instead in Hongkong. Is it possible? By the way, thank you so much for this blog, it’s a great help.


    1. Hello Nic… congratulations to you both! And great to know it has been of help. Anyway, I am not sure if the DFA main office still accepts report of marriages to this day. I suggest you call DFA main for the info.

  20. Hello. I am divorce in HK ( American ex) and i recently get married in HK kasi i need to recognize my divorce in the ph daw bago ako puede magkasal ulit dto sa pinas kaya sa hk na lang kami ngpakasal ng hubby ko. Anyone here who has the same case with me? I and my hubby is applying spousal visa and I’m just worried na baka hanapan kami ng ROM sa hk, eh di nmn puedeng ireport ung marriage kasi nga di pa legally recognize sa pinas ung divorce ko. Pero bakit ganun I know someone na kinasal sa pinas kahit na divorce paper lang hawak ni pinay. Please any advice po. Thank you.

  21. Hi Fraum, Planning to get married by April. Did you get an extra copy of Certificate of Marriage or binalik nang Phil Embassy ang original copy for the apostille the next day? Also, if we’re sending the documents via mail, we don’t need to book an appointment for the notice of marriage?


    1. Hello Jel! We requested for an extra copy of our MC from HK, but we were not able to use it in anyway. Yes, PH consulate will return your original docs right away.. so you can go directly to the high court for Apostille. There is no need to book an appointment for sending/submitting docs to HK. Instead, after they examine your papers, they will book an appointment for your wedding with your chosen venue. 🙂

  22. Hi.. I just want to ask.. Will they accept my Noticed of intended marriage form even if the authenticated stamp was on the back part of the form, instead of the right bottom part?? Thankyou

    1. Hello there! I am not quite sure if they are strict with where the stamp should be.. Anyway, if it is stamped.. i think it is good enough. 🙂

  23. hi fraum! need advise please. Can my bf ( divorced, US resident, not yet citizen) and I get married in Hongkong? We are both Filipinos.

    1. If he still a Filipino, his divorce must first be recognized in PH. But better send an email to the PH consulate in HK to inquire about this.

  24. hi again fraum, how many copies of psa birth certificate and cenomar should i provide? thank you for response in advance fraum.

  25. sorry if i have a lot of question, but i have too, my german fiancee is divorced does he need his divorced paper? does he’s all papers needed should be translated to english? thank you so much and i highly appreciated your response.

  26. Hi Fraum I just got married in hk with my german man. Im just confused and wants to ask if is it necessary to register our marriage in germany or in the german embassy here in manila?

    1. He has to register it in Germany. That is what the Apostille is for. To apply for a visa, you need the PSA copy of ROM submitted to the German Embassy in Manila. I suggest you ask your husband to call his local Ausländerbehorde or the Standestamt to ask as cities have different rules.

  27. HI Fraum,, is it all the documents needs to have 3 photocopies each of them? from 1 to 5 of the requirements you’ve written aove.


  28. HI Fraum,,do you think I will have problem of my passport,?,,I am Anulled but still using the surname of my ex, I did not take new passport yet as its still valid up to 2022,..


    1. I really have no idea how this works with the surname for annulled individuals.. but i suggest you email the PH consulate to ask for their advice.

      1. Thank you Fraum… I’ve already emailed IMMD in Hongkong and sent all my documents. how can I contact the Philippine Consulate in Hongkong?

      2. There is an email here on the blog entry… or pls find PH consulate HK facebook page to find the email address. 🙂

  29. Hi,, Fraum… I am Anulled right, do I need to take a Marriage Contract aside from Cenomar and PSA birth certificate?

    And is it all of them I need to Authenticate to the DFA?
    I am so confused with my Documents I thought I have them all already. your answer really helps me a lot… thanks

    1. You’re welcome. If you are annulled, your CENOMAR will have an annotation that you are now singlw and can marry. No need for Marriage Contract. No need to have the documents authenticated by DFA. Just bring the original copy from PSA(NSO) and have photocopies of them. Happy planning.

  30. Can we report on PH consulate and get Apostille for MC at the same day? most likely after lunch time since the wedding would be in the morning. Does it have to be done Chronologically – report to PH consulate first and then get Apostille ?

    1. Yes you can do both in a day… and another yes sa order ng paperwork. Sa apostille kasi hindi ibibigay kaagad ang orig copy ng MC so you won’t be able to report it sa PH consulate.

      1. Hi Fraum, We are getting married in HK soon. And will apply family reunitification after to Norwegian Embassy in Phils. Ask ko lng if you have any idea whether we need to have an apostille stamp for our MC to submit at the embassy? I thought it will be apostille na when they give you the MC. Thanks!

  31. Hi Fraum, we are planning to get married thru Civil celebrant, I need to know kung kailangan pang ipa notaryo sa kanila yung MC or acceptable na yun sa country natin kahit walang notary? Also, ang apostille stamp ba is required for getting visa in countries in Europe, di siya required sa US yung apostille stamp?

    Thanks! I have been reading your blog it is a big help in my preparation.

    1. Hello Mel! I am not sure exactly what you mean with “civil celebrant”.. is this by the registry or a private practitioner? If in a registry like what we did.. no need for notarization. You just have to report the marriage to PH consulate in HK for it to be valid back home. The Apostille stamp is needed so the document will be considered valid by countries that are Apostille Convention members. We used the stamped document for all our paperwork in Europe (Germany and The Netherlands) Most EU countries recognize this too.. I am not sure of the US.
      Great to hear it has been of help. Happy planning! 🙂

  32. Hi Fraum,

    Your blog has been my savior for all my wedding planning. Thanks so much for writing all this information!

    I’m getting married in June to a Canadian citizen, but we’ll be living in the US and I’m getting a US Visa as his dependent. Both the US and Canada are not members of the Hague Convention, does that mean we don’t need an Apostille stamp? Just the ROM for my own visa application?

    I read that we don’t really need to register the marriage in Canada, but they recognize legal marriages abroad.

    1. Great to know it is helpful. 🙂 yes… that means you don’t need an apostille stamp. That being said, the ROM is sufficient for your paperwork. Happy planning. 🙂

  33. Hi Fraum, Maraming salamat sa blog po ninyo malaking help po. Medyo naguguluhan po ako sa requirement ngPhilippine Consulate na needed po nila ng : If with divorce initiated by foreign spouse: PSA/NSO Authenticated Marriage Contract with annotation on Divorce of previous marriage, and Court Order issued Philippine Court recognizing the Divorce obtained abroad, Does it means my gerrman fiancee should file to PRTC about he’s divorced? And for PSA Marriage Contract with annotation though he’s married in Germany? Or I get CENOMAR? MARAMING SALAMAT SA REPLY.

    1. Hi there!! Married ba sya before sa German or sa Pinay? If sa German, then may divorce paper sya.. i think okay na yan. If sa Pinay.. na report ba or na recognize ang marriage nila sa pinas? If yes.. then need nyang ipa recognize ang foreign divorce through court. Pwedi mo ring kunan sya nga CENOMAR basta authorize ka niya. We were both single kasi and when we filed the ROM sa PH consulate in HK.. wala namang paper na ni require from him to prove sa single nga siya.

  34. Hi Fraum tnx sa response. Married xa sa german. D kung ganon ok na yung divorced paper niya:) salamat nmn. But for the apostille you mentioned that your husband should report it to he’s hometown to file that he’s married. And then na mention mo rin na it can be done trough mail, you mean po you were in Germany/ a place where your husband, when you received the document? Or We can give the hometown address for mailing to the apostille office and it will be automatically process there in the absence of my fiancee?

    1. Hello again.. 🙂 i believe na if he was married with a German wala ka namang prob sa PH nun. All he needs is the divorce paper na translated sa English. Sa Apostille, pwedi namang sa iyo na muna.. ipa mail nyo to your address.. tapos ipa recognize.. bago na rin kasi ang rules so no need na mag report ng marriage sa Ph consulate.. basta may apostille. Kaya lang i don’t know kung saan ipa recognize sa Pinas para makakuha ng PSA copy. As for your husband to be, hintayin nya nalang na dumating ka sa DE with your HK MC na may apostille tapos punta kayong dalawa sa city hall kung saan siya nakatira dito.

      1. Hello Maam,

        May tanong lang po ako kasi we have friends a German na dito sa Germany nakatira and my friend who lived in the Phils.and they want this coming July sa Hong Kong magpakasal. Yung Apostille po ba makuha mo yan agad para diretso na sa Philippine Consulate para magpa register. Salamat po in advance.

  35. Thank you so much ulit Fraum for response. God Bless! Pero ok lang din nman po cguro na mgreport sa Philippine consulate pra di na po hassle dto po sa pinas?

  36. i have a question yung original marriage certiticate ba ang ibibigay sa consulate office and they will return the documents after 2 days? yung marriage certicate isang copy lang ba ibibigay sa amin or pwede request 2 copies sa marriage registry. need kc ni husband yung marriage certicate pag balik nya canada

    Also do i need to have my marriage cert apostiled or optionao lang kc hindi naman member ng apostile convention ang canada.

    1. Hi annalyn..
      As for your questions.. based on what i know now.. no need na pumunta sa PH consulate sa HK for reporting kasi naging member na tayo ng apostille convention effective may 2019.. pero of course need magpa apostille nga MC from HK sa high court doon. Kindly email nalang the consulate para sure talaga na sa kanila galing ang info.
      Yes.. you can ask for a certified copy of your HK MC sa registry bago ang ceremony.
      Lastly yes.. need mo apostille para ma recognize sa pinas ang kasal nyo.

  37. Hi po, thanks for your blog. I just want to ask if religions matter kung magpapakasal sa hong kong.
    And kung mkaka apply po agad yung my husband to be ng philippine spouse visa sa hong kong right after apostille. Tnq po.

    1. Hi… great to be of help. No.. religions don’t matter sa HK. As for the philippine spouse visa, i have no idea. But i think… you can both fly in to PH together and show your marriage contract with apostille for him to avail of the balikbayan visa good for 1 year.

      1. Thank you for your response Ms. Fraum. So we dont have to apply for any entry visa to phl consulate in hong kong right?
        And regarding po sa report of marriage to phl consulate, if no need na po yun, where can we register it in the phil po para mka mka kuha ng psa copy?
        Again, thank you so much for the info. Godbless u po always.

      2. Hi there… as far as i know.. no need to apply for entry visa sa consulate. Unfortunately, i don’t know what to do with the MC with apostille with regards to having a copy of it in PSA. I suggest, you contact the PH consulate in HK or DFA main office for the accurate information. All the best! 🙂

  38. Actually, my boyfriend is an indian national and his country doesn’t have a reciprocity agreement with phil. Thas why im confused about the balikbayan visa if he can avail for it.

  39. Ma’am my BF was married here in the Philippines. They divorce in USA and the divorce was granted. The problem is we cannot married here till the divorce decree recognize here in the Philippines. We found out that it takes 6 months to one year before the recognize the divorce and also expensive. We are planning to get married in Hong kong. My question is when I registered our married in PH embassy is there a problem of my BF previous married??? Thanks

    1. Yes.. then your marriage will be null and void as he is still legally married. You are married in HK but not in PH. The best way is to wait for the divorce to be recognized so you can freely marry everywhere. 🙂

  40. My sister married in HONGKONG. the problem of their marriage are not registered in Philippine Statistics Authority. I need the marriage contract to apostille. But how can I get a copy if not registered my marriage in PSA. What is the ist thing to do? Please help me.

    1. If it is not registered sa PSA… it means, hindi po na report ang marriage sa Phil. Consulate in Hong Kong. Mas mainam po na magcontact kayo sa PH Consulate in HK through their email para mag tanong ng steps to do. Heto po yung alam kong email address:

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