Reporting Your Marriage to the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong


We’re married. That’s it. Why must we report our marriage to the Philippine Consulate?

If this has ever crossed your mind at once, please try to think of this: UNREPORTED MARRIAGES OUTSIDE THE PHILIPPINES WILL NOT BE RECOGNIZED. Unless you both just want to do it like they do in Las Vegas, that “just for fun and you can change your mind tomorrow” thing, then you might as well do so as you pleased.

According to the Office of the Solicitor General of the Philippines:

“A marriage where one or both of the contracting parties is a Filipino citizen must be reported to the Consulate in order for the said marriage to be properly registered and recorded with the Office of the Civil Registrar General in Manila.”

Why report your marriage? It is as simple as:


And so you are done with the paperwork at the Hong Kong City Hall Marriage Registry or the Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry. What’s the next step? After you have treated your two witnesses to a meal, you might as well proceed to the Philippine Consulate General’s Office located at the 14th floor of the United Centre in Queensway.

For a smooth transaction, prepare the ORIGINAL AND THREE PHOTOCOPIES of the following beforehand: (Don’t worry, they will return the original documents to you right away. It is only for verification.)

  1. Duly accomplished Report of Marriage Forms in 4 original copies (signatures must be original). This can be downloaded from the Philippine Consulate’s website. Be sure the information you reflected here is the same with what appears on your marriage certificate from Hong Kong.  (You can also ask for the ROM form at the Philippine Consulate’s Civil Registry Office. You can fill out just one form and have three copies but your signatures must be original.)
  2. The couple’s passports.
  3. Original NSO/PSA copy of the wife’s Birth Certificate in security paper (SECPA) and three copies of this. Note that the authenticated PSA/NSO certificates mentioned here are those issued by the PSA/NSO in security paper.
    • In case the Filipino spouse is a widow or widower: PSA/NSO Death Certificate of Previous spouse, and PSA/NSO Authenticated Marriage Contract
    • If previous marriage was annulled: PSA/NSO authenticated Marriage Contract with annotation on annulment and Court decree on Annulment duly authenticated by the DFA. 
    • If with divorce initiated by foreign spouse: PSA/NSO Authenticated Marriage Contract with annotation on Divorce of previous marriage, and Court Order issued Philippine Court recognizing the Divorce obtained abroad
  4. Marriage Certificate from Hong Kong Marriage Registry.
  5. CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) of the Filipina wife.

Also be aware of the working days observed by the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong:


18516754_10208860286810576_824933056_oThe processing fee of the Report is HK$200.00, and processing period is two working days.  The express processing fee is one working day (next working day) but you have to pay an express fee of HK$80.00.  No appointment is needed, you can walk in.
What we did to save the time was report the marriage on a Thursday after the wedding and a meal with our witnesses. For our itinerary, check out the previous post. 
Once you report your marriage to the Consulate, they will forward the same to the Philippines on the first week of the next month.  So, since we got married on the third week of April, our record was forwarded to the Philippines on the first week of May. We can then obtain the authenticated copy of the Report of Marriage from the Philippine Statistics Authority/National Statistics Office in 2 to 3 months.
In case you were not be able to report your marriage in person before the Consulate, you may still submit your application for Report of Marriage with the Office of Consular Affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs at ASEANA Business Park (near MOA) for transmittal to Hong Kong SAR. The waiting period, however, to get an authenticated copy of the Report will be longer– 4 to 6 months.  For sure, as much as possible, you wanted to avoid further delays, right? So,it is wise to report it to the Consulate immediately.
Of course, the reason you considered getting married in Hong Kong is the fact that it is one of the quickest way to get the papers done and apply for the Family Reunion Visa.
It is worth to consider that the German Embassy NO LONGER ACCEPT REPORT OF MARRIAGE FOR FAMILY REUNION VISA APPLICATION. We have to wait for the ROM copy to be available from PSA.
If you are interested in Getting Married in Hong Kong, check out the list of documents you needed on the previous post.  You can also start saving for the wedding in Hong Kong with the sample budget in the previous post. 
Don’t know where to begin with the process?  Click here to see how. 

17 thoughts on “Reporting Your Marriage to the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong

  1. Hello. I just got married in HK last June 2017 with my US husband and I am about to return to HK from Manila to get our authenticated copy in the HK marriage registry office and then report to the Philippine consulate. I would like to ask if a divorce copy of my US husband from his previous marriage be needed in the Philippine consulate or only mine if I was divorced another man? Also it would be okay if I am the only one to report in person coz my husband is in the US at the moment and not able to come with me when I go back to HK.. please respond asap, it is a great help if you could. Thank you.

    Respectfully yours,

    Ly from Philippines

    1. Hi Ly,
      I am not quite sure if the consulate needs the divorce paper as our circumstance is different. We were never married before. Anyhow, to save yourself from the hassle, prepare the divorce papers and three photocopies for each of your dcouments for submission. Fill out the ROM form with both your original signatures. As to reporting the marriage alone, I also do not know. I suggest you email the consulate beforehand.

  2. Hello… Been following your blog for a while now and it’s been a great help in my preparations. Thank you for being so detailed. Anyway, this might be redundant but I want to make sure I understand correctly. For the report of marriage, you mentioned the ‘authenticated PSA/NSO certificates’ are already those issued by the PSA in security paper, which I want to clarify, don’t need to be authenticated by the DFA anymore, is that right? just the “authenticated” term might be a bit misleading and I want to make sure I have what I need.

    I’m getting married next month in HK and I just secured a fresh PSA copy in PSA security paper and just want to be sure I don’t need to go to DFA for authentication anymore. Thanks!

    1. Hi..Thanks for dropping me a line and for following my blog. Yep, you only need the copy issued by PSA not the one from DFA with a red ribbon. Good luck on your wedding preps! 🙂

  3. I was wondering if you already got your PSA marriage certificate. And if you did, how long did it actually take? Thanks!

    1. The Consulate sent me an email that it is already available at PSA. Haven’t requested for my copy just yet, though. It takes about 3 months.

  4. Oh, that’s cool, you got an email from the Consulate. Yeah, I was just wondering because, well, you know, Philippines. Thanks again for your replies!

  5. Hi Fraum! Your blog is so helpful and so detailed! Thank you for sharing everything you know. 🙂 I am also a Pinay engaged to a Polish guy who is currently working in the UK. Do you have an idea if he also needs to report our marriage to Polish consulate in HK? The reason I ask is because after I get the ROM from PSA, I will then start applying for EEA family permit here in the Philippines to enter the UK. Any help you can extend will be much appreciated. 🙂

    1. Hi Maya! Great to hear it has been helpful! 🙂 If Poland and the UK are members of the Apostille Convention, then there is no need to report the marriage to his embassy.

  6. hi, what’s the express fee for? does it mean if we’ll report our marriage on Oct. 7 can we get the Report from Consulate on Oct. 9? And can fly back to Phils. on Oct. 9 too? thanks.

    1. Hello heart! Express fee is for the next day release of ROM. You can then get the original copy of the HK marriage cert which you can bring to the high court for apostille. October 7 is a saturday and the consulate is closed. The Phil Consulate is open from Sunday to Thursday. So you can report the marriage on the 5th or the 8th and get the ROM on the next working day.

  7. Hello everyone, Just wanna ask if – Is there any similar case with me here…. or anyone could give an advice…

    In my case, I was married to a Filipino and I filed a divorce in Hong Kong, in 2015 I got my divorce papers. But I did not file a petition for the recognition of my divorce at the PSA because I know this will not work since Phils have no divorce for both Filipino citizen.

    Now I’m here in Germany and remarried just last month, since the divorce in HK was recognised here. My question is…. Is it really necessary to report the marriage to the Phil Embassy? Knowing the conflicts that in Phils record- PSA my previous marriage was not yet annulled. I was just thinking of not reporting my marriage here in Germany unless I got my first marriage annulled. Is there any consequences if one would not report their marriage abroad?

    Thanks and looking so much to hear your advice…


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