How can Pinays and Foreigners Get Married in Hong Kong

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Getting married in Hong Kong is perhaps one of the fastest way to get reunited with your loved one who happens to live in a country different from yours. Most likely, it goes with the fact that the process to get the paperwork accomplished is much easier than doing it here in the Philippines. For example, when a Filipina is marrying a German (my case), it would take at least 3 to 5 months to process all the papers for his legal capacity to contract marriage or Ehefähigkeitszeugnis. Your German fiance will also have to visit the German Embassy in Manila to pick up the the certificate of legal capacity to marry. This would need another 2 to 3 days. After he has secured his Ehefähigkeitszeugnis, it is time to start your application at the locality where you are based. If you wanted to have a grand wedding or even a simple one with your immediate family around, be mindful that this would take so much time. This is why, for a Filipina and a foreigner, getting married in Hong Kong is the fastest route to take.

Getting married in Hong Kong was something we never thought of for some time. Chris and I had been thinking about the next step in our relationship, and it means, we wanted to take a leap towards being together, proximity wise and of course, legally. With him being German and I, a Pinay, many would expect we will tie the knot either in DE (or NL where he is based)  or in the Philippines. This is something we also consider but, behind the ideas of doing this where we should, the trail for the paperwork needed from us (from my side with 90%  of this burden), is quite overwhelming. I have a full time job that requires I oversee every single detail that is to be done and this makes this really challenging.  Added to this is the complicated schemes involved in marrying a foreigner in the Philippines. So we thought of many possible options, getting married in Hong Kong being one.

But why get married in Hong Kong, you may ask… 

  1. We are convinced the process is quick and that it does not involve the stress of having to deal with many government office-hopping and the fees it incurs trying to get the marriage license (which will, of course, demand tons of paperwork beforehand, plus under the table stuff to accomplish so  quickly). “More fun in the Philippines!” as he would always say. 😀
  2. Hong Kong is a member of the Apostille Convention.  That means that there is no need to go through the lengthy process of having your marriage certificate “red-ribboned” or notarized to be considered genuine in many countries. Other than the 2-3 month wait for your marriage records to be available at the National Statistics Authority (formerly NSO), you must have it red-ribboned by the DFA. That consumes time again. In Hong Kong, you can get your marriage certificate right after the ceremony, have it sealed by an apostille service, and after 2 days, it is good to go. (that is how our research have gone so far). An Apostille is issued by a designated authority in a country where the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization of Foreign Public Documents is practiced.
  3. It is an all-in trip for us (wedding, honeymoon, and travel to a neutral ground). 🙂
  4. The communication with the government authorities in Hong Kong is much more smoother than in the Philippines.

If you and your better half want to make the process swift so you can be together faster, skipping the red tape and countless processes in PH, then the option getting married in Hong Kong is for you.

So since Chris and I are considering this option, we decided to give the process a try.

How to get started? 

The first step is the email to

Here is an example of what we did:

HK email 1What is amazing about transactions related to getting married in Hong Kong is the prompt and complete replies to your queries. I sent an email March 25th and received a reply 3 days later, all with complete information and instructions. (Other than what to write exactly on the “Surname, Name” box of the Page 1 of the form. I will talk about this more on my next entry, as I am trying to figure out what to do exactly. Now, I am waiting for the email in response to my query).

THK mail2hough there are available forms you can download from links you find on blogs online, I suggest you send an email of inquiry. The forms you download may be outdated. I have confirmed this as Hong Kong sent me an updated one. The reply from the HK Government is quite lengthy, but be sure to read them thoroughly as it contains useful, specific information essential to completing the process.

After you have read the instructions, it is time to prepare for the paperwork.

What do you need to get your wedding schedule? 

The following should be enclosed in an envelop:

  1. Photocopies of your and your bf/gf’s birth certificate (International Birth Certificate if the same document isn’t in English)
  2. Photocopy of your passports
  3. Photocopy of CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) for the Pinay partner
  4. Notarized Page 1 of the Notice of Intended Marriage
  5. Pages 2 and 3 of the Forms sent by the HK government (if both of you were never married)
  6. Bank draft worth HK$305 as the fee for giving and exhibiting the notice. (I will talk about this in another blog entry soon)

hk mail3

The complete set of requirements should be sent to

The Marriage Registration and Records Office
3/F, Low Block Queensway Government Offices
66 Queensway, Hong Kong

I sent our application through express mail, and paid  ₱ 917.00 with maximum 7 days for the door to door delivery. You see, it was delivered on time. 🙂


I received a reply from this email address: about the update of our request. However, we were told that we need to send a new notarized copy of the Page 1 as I actually MUST put my middle name on the form (which is confusing for me as it just clearly asked for the name / given name only).  I felt like.. ‘Ah! Why didn’t it say so clearly”, but I had to comply anyway. 🙂  I sent a reply to HK regarding the middle name and hope to get a clear explanation why. 😀

It is only after all requirements are met that Hong Kong will send to you the possible wedding date. 🙂

Are you also planning to get married in Hong Kong? Drop me a line for some queries. I would be happy to help you out.

For the complete information, may it with papers, hotel, budget, itinerary, route guides in Hong Kong, etc.. please browse the posts on this link.

Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


275 thoughts on “How can Pinays and Foreigners Get Married in Hong Kong

  1. Yaayyyyy!!! I can’t wiat for further updates Jovy…so happy that both of you are committed to make this thing work.It will and can be done so just be patient.Enjoy the process and soon you will look back of these “tedious”paperwork as only a minute detail for the joy that awaits when you two are finally together. Best wishes to both of you.

    1. Thanks!!! There are some other options but all definitely leads to one thing: being together. We’re giving HK a try.. and we will see what happens next. ♡ I think i need to send you an email. 😊

      1. hi mam jovy can i ask po , my partner is a german national but he is married before in poland, but he lives now in germany and divorce in germany also mam yong tanung ko po eh sa poland cya kinasal pwdi po ba ang divorce nya is sa germany gustu po kasi namin pakasal sa hk po possible po ba yon german sng divorce paper nya po

      2. Hi liz. I don’t know exactly pero I think kung saan sya nag file ng divorce dun din kukunin ang papers. Be sure international version sya.. that is in English. Pag ganun ang situation nyo na hindi sya German pero dun sya nakatira, mas madali ang visa.

      3. Hi!! I’m wondering if you were able to process the paper in HongKong,
        me and my Italian fiance is also thinking of getting married in Hongkong this year. i live in the philippines and he is in italy working,it is quite hard to process the papers to marry in the philippines.
        a friend told me that is easier to process in hongkong,
        can you tell me your experience please? this is much appreciated.

      4. Hi. We had the entire process by mail and email. HK is prompt and we like that. Your friend is right, it is much easier that’s why many opt to marry there too, like us.

  2. Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. The forename/surname thing is just how names are organized in Britain (Hong Kong was part of Britain until 1997), they might not be able to explain it because it’s just standard. On the “first name” or “Christian name” line, you always put all the names that are not your last name, and in the “surname” (or “family name”) line, you put all the names that are your last name (eg if you’re Mr B. G. Smith-Jones, Smith-Jones is your last name and whatever B and G stand for go on the other line, even if you never used the G. usually) I suppose it’s a hangover from the Colonialism because it’s just so commonplace in Britain.

    With a marriage certificate being a legal document that can be used as proof of name change e.g. in banks, passport offices etc, they will need to know your entire full name in order to produce a legally accurate marriage certificate with the correct wording, so that (if or when) you come to change your name, there’s no confusion on the part of the banks, driving licence people, etc.

    I’ve had to legally change my name by deed poll after I got married because of the stupid way British-style marriage certs work (we get the certificate on the day in the UK as well), and I wanted to do my last name the way they do in Spain, so basically drop my mother’s maiden name, and use my father’s surname attached to my husband’s surname, but they don’t understand that at all in Britain so I had to do a full legal name change instead of just handing in the marriage cert, and it took me 18 months to legalize it (and I still don’t have a passport back). Arrgh!!

    Good luck with all the bureaucracy; at least HK sounds less complicated than the systems in some countries and it should be a memorable wedding!

    1. thanks for the insights! Yep… HK bureaucracy is less complicated and that is why we are considering it. 🙂 And oh… some years ago I was so surprised to learn how Spanish surnames work. 🙂

  3. Hi, just wanted to ask, if married na po kayo ngaun? How many months you need to wait po for the dates na available?

    1. Hello Jhudy…. We got a schedule to appear before the registry for signing the papers and go on with the civil wedding in two weeks. The application process is swift with HK government. We applied 3 months ago but there was a problem with the notarized form so we needed to have a new one. Nag send uli ako nga notarized form 2 months ago and was given a sched two weeks from that time. I requested for a specific date and it was granted naman.

      1. Hello,

        First of all, congratulations and THANK YOU for posting these details. My British fiance and I (American) live in Vietnam where a marriage of two foreigners is impossible, so – hong kong trip!

        Am I correct in reading it took two weeks after you mailed in your paperwork to get the date for your ceremony?

        Thanks again 🙂

      2. Hello, just want to know how long is the waiting for the HK gov. to reply after receiving my documents. Is ent the documents last Monday Feb. 5 2018 and a certain person received it. I was waiting for their email. How long is the waiting time?
        Thank you

      3. Amusingly, hours after i posted, I got a reply! But…. my dates were full 😭 fingers crossed the next best one has opening…

  4. Is my fiancé need to sign the papers send by hk government or I am the only one need to sign . As my fiancé is residing in his country and I am here in the Philippines. Please help

      1. Hallo! Ilang days po ba bago maka tanggap ng confirmation date from HK nag send ako ng papers last June 14 pero hindi na sila tumatanggap cash USD53 , nag send kami ng representative para mag pay ng HKD305 sa 15
        Kasi until now hindi pa din kami nakatanggap ng email from them

        Thank you ! Guten Abend

      2. Hello. It would take about 10 days after receipt of the complete documents.. payment included.. to get a schedule. And as far as i know, they do not accept cash with the application except if you submit it personally or through a representative.

      3. Hi Perl, a reader sent me a copy of her email from HK and it says, now they need 15 days to post and process. Okay lang yan!

      4. It takes about 10 days after they received the complete application (from the time the payment of HKD was done) before they can give you a schedule.

      1. Thank u for your reply. I am actually here in Deutschland. Got married last year and been here since May 2017. Thank you and godbless.

      2. Sis pa help naman kami pwede na we r planning next month pero hnd namin alam gagawin May cenomar na ako PSA BC passport nalang rerenew ko pa.. pano ba mag pa appointment pls help. Salamat

  5. Hello there,

    We already have the date of marriage in hongkong. I just wanna say thank you for your post. It really helped me alot with the process. We also booked the same guest house where you stay. 😊
    Just one more question though, its my first time to travel abroad and I wanted to know if you declare to the phil immigration the real reason why you’re going to hongkong?

    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Isabelle!
      I am happy to hear the posts have been helpful. Great to hear and congratulations! To avoid any delays, I suggest not to mention any HK wedding plans to the immigration as you may be asked to show the CFO sticker.. which of course we can’t have since we are not immigrating just yet. I have read countless offloading stories due to this. Just say you will have a vacation instead.

  6. Hi hello , can anyone to help me about the bank draft , how does it goes ? Which bank can do it ! As I don’t have an account to any bank in the Philippines, how does it work . Pwede po ba ang ibang tao ang gumawa nun ? Please help me naman po !

    1. Almost all banks require that you have a bank account to ask for a bank draft. I suggest you open one or you find a friend who has a bank account and ask it for you.

      1. Hello, Yun po bang naka lagay na Form na sa website na ibigay sa respond from HK yun po ba yung updated Form? Kasi may ibang form sakin binigay friend ko yun daw yung form i
        Kapag parehas kayo Single ng partner mo.

        Salamat po sana masasagot nio po ako 😊

  7. Hi there,

    I am a little bit confused, after sending the necessary documents via DHL, need po ba ng personal appearance just to submit the original documents a weeks or months before the wedding day ?

    My girlfriend is not used to travel outside the country especially H.K, so I am a little bit worried. Besides, I am currently leaving here in Canada.

    It would be great the originals documents to be submitted hours or days before the wedding day.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi. There is no need to fly to HK for the submission of documents. Basically, you only need to fly to HK once, and that is to appear before the marriage office for signing of papers two days before the wedding date. Submit only photocopies of your documents through DHL or any reliable courier to secure a wedding appointment. Bring your documents to the office on the day you were told to visit. Goodluck.

  8. Nahihirapan ako sa bank draft, Ang BDO di na nagbbgay ng bank draft same din sa PNB. Lagi nla cnasabi is managers check which is in peso currency, may demand draft pero need mo ng dollar account, I don’t know if same lng yan. Then sa BPI may demand draft and pwede bilhin by peso account.

    1. If you are living in Manila, or any city with Wells Fargo, it will be fine, i believe. If walang Wells Fargo, pweding mag try sa Maybank.. manager’s check or bank draft. May service lang na 7 USD. You need to have an account there. Kung may kakilala ka sa bank pwedi ka nilang tulungan.

  9. Ok po. How much kaya if USD?. Hindi pa kac nagrereply si enquiry ng Hong Kong until now, matagal na nag email ako sa kanila. Base doon sa previous blog mo po is 53 USD

  10. Hello po. sa BPI nagtanong ako kung may bank draft ba lagi sinasabi demand draft. pwede ba sa kaibigan ko since wala akong BPI account?. at kng kay BPI, sa anong bangko ng Hong Kong ko pwede idraft yon? na tatanggapin yong DD galing kay BPI.

    1. Yes… BPI ang ginamit ng kakilala kong nagpakasal din sa HK. Payable yun sa govt ng HK, hindi sa bank na nasa HK. Kahit sa friend m ang account okay lang, wala namang name mo ang aappear dun.

      1. Nakakuha na ako ng form ni BPI , doon sa form hinihingi Kong saang bangko ko ipadala, name, address, Swift code, at Ang beneficiary. Kac dba Ang mangyare, galing Kay BPI php branch to affiliated bank ng Hong Kong, pinili ko BDO Unibank, inc. hk branch, then c BDO na Ang magbibigay ng payment sa beneficiary account which is yong government of Hong Kong etc…., Doon kac sa bank draft mo Maybank naka lagay doon to Wells Fargo.

  11. Hallo!

    Good day!

    My bf is also German and we are planning to get married in Hong Kong this May 18,2018 (target date). I have sent an email to as first step. Then I’m confused what should be the next process. I need your guidance. I’m excited but so confused. I hope you can help me.


    1. Hi! They will send you a form to fill out. You need to have the first page signed by either you or your bf and have it notarized. You will attach the requirements there… send it to HK and wait for the schedule.

      1. Thanks for the reply. So i am waiting for the schedule if the target wedding date we like is available?

        I’m also confused when to book an appointment if we plan to get married in a marriage registry. I don’t understand the rule of you have to notify 14 days before the 3 month period from the date of marriage.

      2. The IMMD will not give you a schedule unless you have officially processed your papers. You can indicate the date of preference on your Notice of Intended Marriage Form (they will send you this). Foreigners who go to HK for the wedding will choose a registry (the city hall or cotton tree drìve) as they are fast. If you want to marry in March, you can send the application now. But if there are slots left, you can have an appointment about 14 days before your target date (which is not advisable) since the tickets and hotels are expensive if you book too close to your flight date.

      3. We prefer to be married this May 2018. So at the moment, i just need to wait for the forms i guess. I don’t understand the appointment, is it for us to present original copies of our documents once we are in HK?
        We plan to get married in a marriage registry.

        Incase all is good and we’re married. Will i be able to get the ROM in HK immediately?


      4. Hi Sarah. Yes, just wait for the forms and gather the requirements for now. You can apply by February, the earliest (depending on which date exactly in May). The appointment is the date of the wedding in the registry. You can only get the schedule ( appointment) after you have sent the papers to IMMD.
        As for the ROM, you can get that after one working day. The embassy is open from Sunday to Thursday. They also follow both HK and PH’s holidays.

      5. Hello. I just got the email from the IMMD which includes the form and instructions.

        Do you think it’s too early for me to give notice if our target date is on May 18, 2018?

        Should i submit my documents now or wait until February?

        I read that there’s an expiration of notice. Can you explain?


      6. Hello, Yun po bang naka lagay na Form na sa website na ibigay sa respond from HK yun po ba yung updated Form? Kasi may ibang form sakin binigay friend ko yun daw yung form i
        Kapag parehas kayo Single ng partner mo.
        Nalilito din ako kasi sabi 3 pages tapos yung bago 1 page lang 😊

        Salamat po sana masasagot nio po ako 😊

      7. Hello !
        regarding po sa forms na na e send po ng HK sakin sa Email wala po kasi nakasulat don kung saan venue at anung date kayu magpapakasal na e fifill out ko .

        Tapos may form na na send kaibigan ko pero last September 2017 pa sila ikinasal yung form na yon e meron naka lagay na fifill out if saan at kailan kaya confused po ako

        Danke !

    2. Frau M,

      I’m complete with my requirements and ready to send the documents.
      Just need to verify if it’s just page 1 of the form that needs to be notarized?


      1. Thanks. Frau M, how long will they reply after they have received the documents? I sent the docs Feb 26 and as per tracking they got it Feb 28.

      2. I got the reply already and they confirmed an appointment for our wedding already. 🙂 Your blog has helped me lot. Thanks for everything.

        I have just one more question, it’s my first time travelling abroad, i am aware i should not tell the immigration that i will go to HK to get married but rather just pure vacation right. My question is upon arrival in HK should i declare already we’ll get married in HK or just tell them the same thing that it’s for vacation same thing i will do in the Philippines immigration? What do you suggest?

      3. Hi Sarah! Happy to hear about that! I suggest you just be consistent that it is only for travel. Have your hotel reservation named after you both so there will be less questions. HK immigration is much more relaxed than in PH. Best wishes to you both!

      4. Thank you.

        Frau M, is it possible we can go to the Highcourt first before the Phil Consulate? And what exactly the purpose of the Highcourt? The reason i asked is bec Friday is our date of Marriage but the consulate is close so we plan to go there Sunday morning and report the marriage.

        Thank you again

      5. I don’t think so. You need to go to the embassy first. The High Court will mail to you the marriage certificate with apostille. Going to HK high court to get an apostille is for the purpose of having your marriage recognized in Germany. One option is to ask for a certified copy of the marriage certificate at the city hall which you will later bring to the High Court for Apostille.

      6. Okay i got it. I read part of your blog that we can request to have it expedited both for high court and the rom instead of waiting 2 days.
        Is that right? Just need to pay extra HKD.
        And the Apostile /Highcourt this is to certify the authenticity of our marriage certificate to be recognized internationally, specifically in Germany. So we can just have it mail the certificate in Germany and for me i dont need additional certification reporting the marriage to the consulate means my marriage will be acknowledged?

        Thank you for your prompt response.

      7. The expedite fee is only for the ROM. You’ll get it in the next working day. As for the High Court.. there is no expedite service. Instead you will pay 15HKD extra for the mail. Yes, it will be mailed to Germany. ROM is your new certificate. You can get a copy of this from NSO after 3 months.

      8. Ok. All clear with that. Thanks.

        Frau M, how about the docs we need to present to the marriage registration office? What are the necessary documents to present?

        We are planning not to bring any documents with us eg. Birth Certificate, Cenomar etc forms.. And possibly have someone bring it instead. Just to avoid any problems with immigration, just in case they will check our things.. What did you do in the past when you got it married? Did you bring the travel docs with you and it won’t be a big deal? Please help thanks.

      9. Bring the email printout of your appoinment. And you need to bring the original documents aa they will be necessary at the consulate. All i did was put the documents in my checked-in luggage.

    3. Share ko lang po na nasa page 5 yung date and venue ng wedding.
      Nagreply po kasi sila sa email ko. Dati hanggang page 3 lang yung pinapa-fill up nila pag both single tapos nag email ulit na hanggang page 5 na yung i-fill up.

      Thank you.

  12. Okay.

    Oh one more thing. And for the FRV is it okay to look and book appointment for May or should i do it after we get married?

    Thank you for all your help.

    1. I didn’t have this experience, but have talked to some girls who had appoinments right after they got married in HK as the schedules are quite hard to acquire. The DE embassy will give you the time to submit the PSA copy of your ROM… which i believe is about 1 month only from the date of your appointment.

      1. Frau M, question about ROM? After we notifying the Phil Consulate about the marriage,
        How long will it take for me to obtain a certificate of marriage from PSA?

        Can i apply FVR if i only have the ROM?

      2. Hi… You can get the ROM from PSA after 3 months. It can be earlier if you email the consulate and explain why it needs to be rushed. Unfortunately, you cannot apply for FRV with the ROM from HK anymore. This rule changed since March 2017. We have to wait for the PSA copy. You can get an appointment at the embassy and ask for an extension for passing the PSA copy. I heard they give up to a month extension for this. Goodluck.

  13. Thanks a million for this!
    Recently, it has been so difficult to book an appointment at standesamt in Germany, thus getting married there would take months and months of waiting (maybe even up to a year) on top of the tons of paperworks!
    I’m glad there’s an easier option – to get married in HK! It’s unbelievable that very few documents are required.
    I’d like to ask about the witnesses, can they be immediate family members? And do they have to appear only during the wedding ceremony?

    1. Hello kriz! We are happy the blog has been helpful. We have been through the same challenge and was happy to find out about hong kong. Your witness can be anyone. Yes, they should be with you during the ceremony with their identification documents.

  14. Hello, I just came across your blog and found it very helpful. My fiance and I are planning to do the same, have a wedding this year in HK. I am going through a wedding planner, have you heard of StartHongKong Marriage consultants. Please advice if you have any information about this company.


    1. Hi Mari. I have heard about it, but with the ease of processing in HK, I do not think it is necessary. We got married in HK and went through the whole process on our own. Additionally, if your wedding planner will book your ceremony with a license marriage officer and not a marriage registry (city hall or cotton tree drive), it would take some days before you can get your marriage certificate.

  15. I’m a former filipino and got married in the Philippines before we migrated to Canada. When we both got our canadian citizenship we filed our divorce and was granted. Now, I have a filipina girlfriend and we planned to get married in the Philippines but I came to know that I need to have a judicial recognition of my divorce before I can get married in the Philippines. Based on the information I got, it will take more than a year to file this case in the court and also entails a great amount of money. Do you think it’s good option for us to get married in Hongkong? Do you think our marriage contract will suffice in terms of sponsoring my wife-to-be to come to Canada? Your immediate response or comment is highly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi. I think there is a need for you to secure the finality of the divorce and its recognition in the PH before you can get married. Should you proceed without the recognition of the divorce, I believe the marriage will only be valid in HK but not in the Phils. When you report your marriage to the PH consulate in HK, the divorce decree and the cert of recognition will be part of the requirements. Consequently, you cannot secure a marriage certificate from the Phil. Statistics Authority, which equates to not being able to apply for a visa. I suggest you check the requirements of the canadian embassy in PH to be sure.

      1. Hi Fraum, you wrote that one of the requirements is…If with divorce initiated by foreign spouse: PSA/NSO Authenticated Marriage Contract with annotation on Divorce of previous marriage, and Court Order issued Philippine Court recognizing the Divorce obtained abroad.

        However, looking at the Philippine Consulate General – Hongkong requirements is read as follows: If divorced: If the divorce decree was obtained abroad, the Filipino spouse must: present to the PCG the NSO authenticated marriage certificate of previous marriage with annotation on divorce and the Court Order issued by a Philippine Court recognizing the divorce decree obtained abroad.

        Based on my understanding, said requirement is only applicable if you’re a filipino citizen but not for a foreigner who is divorced. Am I right? I’m not really sure.

      2. Hi.. as i have mentioned previously… it is better to ask the legal department of the Phil. Consulate in HK. I am not in the position to answer the question on legal matters like this. 🙂

    2. Hi Fernando, i just wanted to ask if you continued your plan to get married in hongkong. My fiancee is also migrated to canada and got divorced in canada. We are planning to get married in hongkong. Our situation is the same like you. We need to report the marriage to the phil consulate office and once they send it to PSA they might not recognize it since he is still married here in the philippines. He is now a canadian citizen… hope to hear from you.

    1. Nope… a birth certificate is essential for the HK Marriage Registry and the Phil. Consulate. It is a pre-requisite for applying for marriage license.

      1. (I) Person aged 21 or over and have never got married anywhere before:-
        Please produce the Hong Kong Identity card or/ and valid travel document. Under normal circumstances , single certificate or birth certificate is normally NOT required. However , Registrar may request for further supporting document on individual case.

        This is what was mailed back to me from H.K. and is posted on their site
        Did I miss something?


      2. Perhaps that is applicable for HK residents as we were required to submit our corresponding birth certificates when we applied for the marriage license last April. Besides, I am absolutely sure the Phil. Consulate in HK requires a birth certificate from you both when you apply for your Report of Marriage.

    1. i saw the same thing in my email (received in January 2018) that conflicted with what was here, so yeah – must be relatively new. Maybe it depends on the nationality of the applicant?

  16. Hello Fraum,
    I sent my notice and other documents last Feb. 5 and it was received by HK Feb. 7,2018. I just wnt to know if the registry will contact me after 10 workinh days? Cause i haven’t heard from them.
    Thank you

  17. Hello congrats po.

    Tanong ko lang po. Im okay na kasi sa mga requirements po. Ang problema ko po is paano ko po babayaran yung notice fee. Pahelp naman po ako oh. Kasi yung ibang bank hindi mo wala daw po silang check na pwede sa mga ganun cases

    Sana matulungan nyo po kame.. need na po kasi namen pa airmail yung mga papers.

    Thanks Manilyn

    1. Hi Manilyn. Thanks. 🙂
      I suggest you go to BPI or if may account kayu sa PNB, pwedi rin. I know some people na BPI at PNB ginamit na bank draft in US dollars. Wala namang naging problema. Kasal na rin ngayon.

      1. Thansk po. Mam natanggap ng po ng hk office yung nga form notice of marriage and other documents
        .. yung payment po ang fiance ko ang nag mailed from usa.. magsent po ako ng proofs na padala na po yung check sa hk.. iproprocess na po ba yun mga documents namen.? Or wait pa po nila yung check? Mga lang day pa po kaya bago lalabas po yung approved marriage date namen if ok po yung choice of dates namen.

        Thanks po ulit

    1. Hi… i just attended the seminar yesterday. Go to CFO after you have your visa so you only have to visit the office once, and deal with the almost understadable by common sense talks and the bordering to prying on privacy experience. And oh.. that means prepare your tons of pictures for them to see. 😀

      1. Thanks Frau M.

        Question about the Cenomar? Is an authenticated cenomar diff from the one issued by PSA? Which one do i need Frau M for the Report of Marriage?

  18. MS. FRAUM,
    Did you take the A1 exam before getting a visa? I am afraid to get a

    visa because of the A1 exam.

    Would be nice if you can give me some pointers about the A1 exam.
    Thank you so much


  19. Okay i was quite worried that i need a diff doc. Anyways, Thanks for all your help. My wedding day is soon. I have made this wedding application possible bec of your help. You ease all my worries. I can’t thank you enough.

    Alles Gute! Thanks again.

    1. Great to know! I knew the feeling of planning it from scratch and happy to be of help. Congratulations in advance. Greetings from the Netherlands. 🙂

      1. FrauM, question about the marriage certificate. We are about to report our marriage to the Philippine Consulate today and one of the requirements is the marriage certificate. Will they return the original marriage certificate after getting the rom?

      2. Hello FrauM, question based on your experience how long did it take for you to obtain the PSA copy of Report of Marriage. Exactly 2-3months ba talaga? I have reported our Marriage in HK May 20, 2018 . Appointment ko kase sa embassy Aug 15, 2018. Feeling ko baka lang di umabot at wala pa PSA. Eh icancel ko appointment kase incomplete reqs if wala pa PSa. What do you think?

      3. Hi Sarah! It took only 6 weeks for the consulate to send me the transmittal details. You can get your PSA copy in Manila about 3 days after that .. you must provide the despatch number. In my case, i got the PSA copy in my city and it took 3 weeks more. No worries.. I believe you can get it before the appointment.

      4. Oh that’s great. 🙂 I also have another question. I’m not sure if you can answer it. Is it necessary to carry my husband’s last name for the visa application or i can use my maiden name and it won’t cause any trouble? I want to have a smooth visa processing with the embassy if possible. Which is better change it to my married name or it doesn’t matter at all.


      5. You can use your maiden name. If you change it right away, it may cause delay.. DFA appointment.. CFO seminar and all. I had a visa with my maiden name. I use it until now as my passport is new. 🙂

  20. Hi FrauM, I am a Filipina who is planning to get married with my Vietnamese fiance in HK next month. He is assigned to the UK for a couple years so we thought it’s easier if he brings me there as his wife. Do you think the UK embassy will require the PSA copy of the marriage certificate when we apply in July even if we only supposedly got married in June?

    1. Hello Candy. I am not quite familiar with the UK immig system. But if your bf is a vietnamese holding a working permit in the UK then maybe there is also a separate rule for you both. Different rules apply if he is a Brit. Basically, they would require a PSA copy of the marriage cert, and it would take about 3 months to get it. Check the website of the British Embassy and see what rules apply for you both.

      1. hi po…misss nabasa ko dito about sa marriage niyo ng bf mo sa Hongkong…gusto ko po sana humingi ng payo…kasi balak din namin mgpakasal sa hongkong sa january..dahil diba nga mas matgal pag dito satin ang pag process ng marriage..kaya plan namin sa Hongkong gagawin…german din siya,ano ano poba ang kelangan…at gusto din namin malaman na pagnakuha naba namin ang marriage certificate from Hongkong…kong pwedi nadin ba ako agad maka process ng visa doon sa embassy papunta germany? thanks and God Bless

      2. Hi.. the requirements and the steps are here on the blog naman. Pagnakuha nyo na yung MC nyo in HK.. you have to report the marriage to PH consulate. They will return the MC.. so yun ang ipa Apostille nyo sa HK high court. Nandito din sa blog yung guide papanu gagawin. Pagnareport nyo na sa PH consulate.. wait kayo ng 3 about 3 months para maging available ang MC/ROM nyo sa PSA. Pero while waiting.. pwedi di namang magpa appointment na sa DE embassy sa Manila. For now.. study ka muna at ipasa ang A1 mo.

  21. Hi Fraum,

    Tanong ko lang po kung saan po nagsisimula ang 3month rule? After po ba nila mareceive yung documents or yung date ko po nung pinadala ko yung docs? Patulong naman po kasi naguguluhan po ako at nagwoworry na baka sobrang aga ng send ko.
    Sana po masagot mo. 🙂

    Thank you.
    Regards po.

  22. Hello po Ms. Fraum,
    Yung last name po ba ninyo at automatic na napalitan sa marriage certificate po ninyo na PSA copy?

    Di ko po Kasi alam kung ang last name ko ay mapapalitan automatic sa Marriage certificate na PSA copy or kailangn ko pa itong ipapalit sa PSA office.

    Thanks 😊😊😊

    1. Hi. You use your name (maiden name) in the forms, even if it is the marriage cert as you are getting married with that identity. Or else you have the same family name with your husband in the marriage certificate and your documents will not match.

  23. Ms. FRAUM,

    Just wanted to clarify 2 things;

    1. Do I need a CFO if im going to change my passports name into my husband’s name?
    2. Do I need a CFO if I’m going on vacation with my husband outside the country?

    Thank you so much😊

    1. Hi Christina..
      Yes.. you need a CFO certificate to change your passport with your husband’s surname.
      For the second, I don’t think so. For as long as you travel without an immigrant visa stamp on your passport, it should not be a problem. However, I have heard some pinays getting offloaded as they were asked to present their CFO cert or sticker at the immig desk at NAIA. I guess they so this randomly though. So better be safe.

      1. Ms. FRAUM,

        Ohhh,is it easy to obtain a CFO? I heard they do a one on one interview?
        Thanks po😊.

      2. You have to set an appointment online.. attend a one say seminar with one on one interview. You can get your cert right after.. and your sticker if you have the immig visa.

  24. thanks ms FRAUM…
    yes po nag enrol na ako for A1
    at mag start na this coming july 9…
    ahh okay…kasi iyon ang gusto namin
    malaman kong pwedi naba ako agad agad makapag apply ng visa after makuha ang kelangan pa pala mag hintay ng 3months bago ako maka apply ng visa papunta ng germany? pagsakali po pwedi na un dito kona e process sa phil? thanks

    1. Mahirap makakuha ng appointment sa GE so after HK magpabook na kayu.. if the papers are not yet complete, they give naman 1 month extension for you to submit the missing document sa termin nyo.

      1. thank you misss….but nag usap kami a while ago at sinabi ko nga sakanya na after makuha namin ang MC kelangan pa muna i report sa phil GE sa Hongkong at wait for 3months….sabi niya merun daw siya nabasa at merun daw law ang GE na pwedi ndaw ako agad makakuha ng vesum agad agad pag apply namin doon sa hongkong? na gugulohan ako..kasi gusto ma sure kong pagpunta ko ng hk para sa married eh kong dadalhin kona ba mga gamit ko na importanti para pgpunta naman ng germany after…
        thanks miss Fraum

      2. Ah… no.. sa PH consulate lang kayu mag rereport.. ang MC with apostille dalhin nya yan sa DE at doon nya i report. No need to go to GE sa HK. At hindi pwedi na sa HK kayu mag apply ng visa mo kasi you are not living there. 🙂 Sa GE Manila kayo mag apply, not in HK.

      3. thank you soo much…
        one more question miss..
        nakakuha na kasi ako ng CENOMAR
        pero ang nakalagay ay for passport travel purposes…
        need koba ulit kumuha ng for marriage purposes nga Cenomar?
        para sa requirements for marriage?
        ty much…

      4. hi miss Fraum…
        ask ko lang po, merun ba kayo alam or kilala sa singgapore na pwedi tumolong sa pag process ng papers namin doon? balak po kasi namin mgpakasal this year…kelangan kopa muna tapusin A1 course ko,plan namin ngaung November po..
        ehh sabi ng fiance ko mag search daw ako ng agency na pwedi tumolong para mag process ng papers namin doon…at pati narin po ung mura lang na hotel…
        thanks po

      5. ohhh oh!!!
        im so sorry miss Fraum..
        Hongkong what i mean…😬
        sa Hongkong po hindi Singapore🙊
        thank you…

      6. No, I don’t know anyone na nagproprocess ng papers for kasal in HK. I believe naman na majority of couples like us planned it by themselves. Madali lng naman yun.

  25. ask ko lang ulit..
    nag aral kadin po ba ng A1
    noon? kinakabahan kasi ako
    malapit naku mag start ng schooling for a1..mahirap po ba?
    na nonood kasi ako sa YouTube,nahihirapan ako sabayan ang pag pronounce…tinuturuan din niya ako pag nag uusap kami,hirap ako sa sounds…😕 natatakot ako
    ang mahal pa naman ng bayad..for only 6weeks kaya ko kaya?
    thanks and God Bless

    1. No.. hindi ako nag aral ng A1 kasi di namin need.. hindi kami naka based sa DE. But, I self study German.. okay naman yun.. i know some people na self-study ay nakapasa din sa exam. Focus lng.

      1. thank you ms.Fraum😊
        haaizzt i hope every thing
        will be fine…
        sa Kaiser school po ko nag study
        ng A1…then sa Goethe institute po
        ako kumuha ng examination..

    2. Ms. Virgie,
      Kaiser School po sa Baclaran?
      okay na po ang A1 exam nyo? Madali lang po ba yung exam? Kailangan ko din kasing ipasa ang A1 bago ako permanent na mag stay sa DE. Nanonood din ako ng Youtube at talagang nahihirapan akong mag pronounce. I have the books and CD’s from my husband, but still i’m having difficulty specially sa Gender nouns.
      Thank you and hope to receive a reply from you soon.

      1. hi Christy! before i try also in YouTube but it’s really difficult,
        so i decided to enroll in kaiser
        school..yup !der die das that is the first word in deutch i never forget!
        because it’s very important, there
        gender nouns!!! yay..ahhmm
        all is not easy especially when you get the exam,but for sure you can do it also😊

      1. Yung online business po ms. Fraum nag bobooked po kasi ako ng mga plane tickets.. Ano po ilalagay ko? But wala po ako physical store

      2. Hi miss SAL same tayo bobooked ng ticket wala din physical store
        pero N/A lang nilagay ko
        Hello Miss FRAUM Thank you for keep answering my questions i already received a confirmation from them . Took 15 days waiting 😊
        Thank you so much 😊

  26. Maam san po magpapanotarize? I and my fiance are currently in china. He’s UK citizen and i am a filipina. Plan po namin magpkasal sa Hongkong. Kung need po magpanotarize san po pwede? Maraming salamat po

    1. Sorry po.. but I have no idea where to have the paper notarized pag nasa China. I suggest po you call the PH Embassy and ask if they do notarizations like this. Another way is to have it notarized sa UK.. if your bf is based there.

      1. Maam ang cenomar po ba need i-authenticate. May cenomar po ako dito pero hindi po nadala sa DFA. Acceptable po ba yon?

    1. In my case.. i didn’t attend the CFO seminar until I had my visa to join my husband. If you attend now, you will be given a certificate and ask to go back for the sticker when you have the visa.

  27. Hi, your blog posts are super helpful! My fiance and I are planning to get married in HK too. We’re currently reading all your posts about it. I just have a quick trivial question, did you wear a wedding dress on the day itself? Since there’s a lot of travel to do on that day, I’m just wondering if it’s still practical to do so. Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hello there! Great to know you found it helpful! I opted not to wear a wedding dress as there are lots of paper work to do, and that would have been an inconvenience had i worn one. I am glad I went for a casual dress with a white blazer. 🙂

    1. Good day ms FRAUM, ask ko lang po gaano ka tagal mag hihintay ng sagot from Hongkong if available ung date na binigay namin? march 20/21 po kasi pinili namin,at sumagot na sila via email..ang sabi mag eemail daw sila pag natapos na e exhibit ung documents namin…last january 4 ko po na recieve email nila up to now still waiting padin po kami ulit kong ano result…thanks po and God Bless

      1. Hi.. usually up to 10 working days sila mag sesend ng confirmation of the date. I think by next week you can have it. 🙂 congratulations in advance!

      2. Hallo..
        thank you so much for the reply
        ms.Fraum…okay po mag wait nalang po kami ng confirmation
        nila,by the way ms. i already have my Goethe certificate😊
        thank you soo much po sa advice
        niyo na mag study ako ng A1..
        God Bless and more power po

  28. siya nga po pala ms.after ng wedding namin sa Hongkong uuwi po ako ulit ng pinas…hihintayin kopo after 3months ung MC.namin na lumabas sa PSA dito…tsaka lang po ba ako makapag apply ng visa ko for Germany? ty

    1. Pwedi ka mag book ng appointment now… mahaba-habang usapan kasi sa pagkuha ng appointment. Pag nagka appointment ka before lumabas ang PSA copy ng ROM nyo pwedi ka din namang bigyan ng 1 month extension ng GE to complete your documents. So if i were you magbook na ako now. 🙂 Saan pala kayo if ever in DE?

      1. Hallo again ms.Fraum😊
        ahh okay po sigi, akala ko po kasi kelangan wait muna ang ROM Namin.sigi po ganun nalang gagawin ko.. Sa Borken po ms😊
        thank you…

      2. wow talaga po..heheh yehey!! i hope ma meet kita jan personally ms. Fraum😊😊😊
        thank you soo much po…laking help ng blog niyo po dito
        God bless po.

      3. thanks Ms.Fraum, siya nga po pala
        ano sasabihin ko po pag sakaling tinanong ako sa airport ng immigration natin,kong ano gagawin ko po sa Hongkong? sabi ko nga sa fiance ko name ko ang ilagay niya sa hotel booking namin,para merun po akong mapakita saknila na merun akong tutuloyan,na tatakot po ksi ako na baka hindi ako maka alis😊

      4. Yes you need a hotel reservation with your name.. or under both your names. Then to avoid further hassles, say you will have a vacation with your BF in HK. Be prepares to answer some personal questions at the PH immig.. like how long have you been together, nakapunta naba sya ng pinas, etc.

      5. ohh okay miss….yes he already visited me last june 4 2018,and we started bf and gf march 04 mag 1year na po kami this coming june 04,okay thank you soo much
        ms.Fraum…I’m really nervous its my first time also traveling out of PH.😁

      6. GUten Morgen ms.Fraum!!!
        yeheey!!! we receive there confirmation for our wedding date!!
        it’s confimed..march 20!!!!
        yey now i feel more and more
        thank you soo much ms.Fraum
        because of you we got this idea!!!
        hope to see us also in Borken.
        God Bless…

      7. hhehe yeahh at the moment my fiancee looking for our flights and hotel…ms.Fraum ano po pweding suotin sa wedding day? ahhmm
        okay lang po ba simple white long dress?? thanks!!!😊

      8. Depende sa yo.. yung iba naka wedding dress talaga.. kaya lng about 10 minutes lang naman kayo dun sa marriage registry kasi kadalasan dami naka pila din. In my case, i chose a casual dress and paired it with white blazer lang.. kasi after that.. straight na kami sa PH consulate and sa resto to treat our witnesses.

      9. ahh okay po…
        oo ngahh parang ang hassle
        na masyado pag lakad lakad dun tapos bigat haba ng gown heheh,
        naisip kodin mag simple white long dress nalang ako ung hindi mahirap
        igalaw 😊 tsaka nalang ang bongga
        pag sa church na talaga…thank you much😘

      10. Guten Morgen ms.Fraum!!!
        it’s me again….miss i need help?!
        we already have our flights!
        and now looking for the hotel
        ohhh a lot of hotel’s, and yes there is expensive and cheaper price.
        do you know some hotel’s in Hongkong that best to stay,?
        nearly in the place where all is there,especially the place for our wedding,its in cotton tree drive..
        our budget for the hotel for 14days is 60,000..thanks i will wait your
        replied miss huh!!! 😊

      11. Hi Vergie!! My husband and I didn’t stay in the hotel around Hong Kong Central area coz it is way too expensive for our duration of stay.. and we wish to go around the old areas.. so we stayed in the Tsim Sha Tsui area. 🙂

      1. Ms. Fraum,

        Thank you so much. your blog helped me a lot last year. Got married last year and it was a smooth wedding preparations because of your blog. Hope to meet you in person soon.


      2. Hello Christy!!
        Great to know it was a help… we knew how it feels to prepare the HK wedding from scratch. That would be cool if we can meet here.. saan ba kayo titira sa DE? 🙂 Kami ni Vergie an hour away lang.

    1. halow….thanks tina!!!
      we already book hotel skycity
      for 1 week..and the 2nd week
      at Bay Bridge Lifestyle Retreat.

      1. VIRGIE,
        How long dis you study German Language? Dis you get a personal tutoe at the school or its a class setting?
        Thank you.

  29. hi Ms. Fraum! How long were you able to process the family reunion visa?is it the same processing time when you get married here in the Philippines or was it much quicker?thank you

    1. Hello Jedesa! Our case was different as my husband was based in the Netherlands though he is a German. I chose to stay for a year more in PH to finish my commitments at work. We had a different route for visa application using the EU Rules, and it took me only 4 days to receive my visa to join him. 🙂 I don’t know which is a quicker way to process the FRV: HK or PH. But one thing i know is that it is a lot easier to marry in HK.

  30. Hi Fraum, again thank you in advance. Just received the email today. So, of course I wanna ask how did you write your name because they ask for surname name. Ex. My first name is Shallow my middle name is Ty and my surname/lastname is White. Do I have to write in this way way, White, Ty Shallow, Is this right? Thank You, your reply will be appreciated.

    1. Hi! Then it would be.. Surname: White ; Name: Shallow Ty. Just like how we have our school records written… Surname.. name.. mid name.

      P.S. I kept smiling coz now I think about Shallow White Ty. Haha. Anyway.. Happy planning!

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