How My Online Experiment Helped Me Find Love

online experiment

Love really has its own way of getting on your way when you least expect it. I bet you are now on this page as you may be in love with a German or is interested in one, romantically. I am so happy I am not alone in this.

As my title goes, it started with a little online experiment on a dating site. It was inspired by a course requirement in the graduate school that aims to set a foundation on possible topics for linguistic studies. To make it brief, I opted for a more unconventional topic which is the analysis of language use by foreign men when writing to a Filipina on a free dating site. (Curious enough? Here’s the link to the findings) Little did I know this will pave way to finding the love of my life, mein Deutsch mann.

Now you may actually  be wondering what he was doing on a dating site, right? My boyfriend knows another German guy whose wife happens to be a Pinay. They used to be neighbors and with what he had seen and heard from the guy, became quite curious about what really is going on in the country (of course, with its women too). My boyfriend used to have a lot of stereotypical views on Pinays.  As his neighbor had suggested, he created an account on the dating site (and I am thankful he did, anyway) and got some sort of “the feel” on how many would talk to him there.

On my end, the trouble brought about by a handful of crazy things that happened in my personal life and career on that period has opted me to open my dating site profile again. I was looking for some funny things to divert my attention to. I was eager to answer some mails from quite decent guys, too. But there was just no spark. One day, I found myself looking at a profile of a guy who looks quite serious. As I have an inclination for men who look strict, I clicked on the link and found out he was offline for some time. I saw his picture on my page again the next week, and when I visited his profile he just got offline again. I said I should try again the next day, and I did. He was online, but he didn’t view my profile back. I told myself there was nothing to lose, so I wrote to him and said the basic niceties which he eagerly replied to. And so we talked for the next three hours. This continued for quite some time, too.

The next thing I know, we talked on the phone for about two to six hours everyday (yep, even if we’re both at work), exchanged pictures of our random days and laughed about how we agree on many things.

Then came the bouquet of roses and some small stuff.

Truly, nothing captures a woman’s heart the way roses do, ❤

I sent him a handmade card on his birthday, and the next thing I know, we are both quite clueless about where exactly do we stand on each other’s life.

A simple present you pour enormous efforts in can make a difference. 🙂

Then came the notice to visit me just two days before his flight. I stood at the arrival area trying to calm myself down with a cup of coffee. He got off the plane quite nervous about whether I will pick him up or he flew in for a bogus individual (just like what he had read on the blogs and forums back home).

There he was, standing neatly  in his white long-sleeved shirt, exceeding the image of what I have imagined him to be, looking right at me (he said he looked at how high my shoes are) with a full smile. I know from then on that I have found the one for me. He kissed me on the forehead, held my hands all throughout the trip to the hotel, and I never felt so secured in my life.

I brought him home to introduce to my family, had a tour around (some of this in a jeepney), brought him to the office, and shocked him with some food, too.

This wasn’t his only flight to me.  In  fact, I went home from work one day and found him drinking a bottle of beer with my brother!

We try to make the best of whatever the time allow us to do when we are together. But, this isn’t all a bed of roses. We have our challenges too (this I will be writing about very soon).  We both can’t wait to see what life has offer us, together. ❤


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