Playlist of the week


As you know, I decided to make the most of my time while still in my hometown. One of which involves going back to teach at a university. This is something I miss a lot, and I only realized this lately. So, when one of my bestfriends asked me if I could take some lectures, I didn’t think twice.

One of the subjects I have to handle is  Children’s Literature. I was excited with the opportunity to not only impart the best practices for preschool teaching, but also with the fact it is really cool to be doing this all over again. I mean, who doesn’t like the joy children’s lit can bring?

But it also had some side effects on me. Out of the excitement and the preparations I have to do, there are songs that kept playing on my mind, non-stop, literally. Trying to put together the ideas, the links and the photos for my presentations would make me listen and rediscover the colorful songs I think many would relate to as kids. Over-all, they became part of this  week’s playlist.  Yes, they haunt me in such a funny way. 😀 

Here are some that have been playing on my mind at any random time of the day: 

First, with nurturing  joy and fun with math and rhythm

Now I am smiling at how many times a colleague had to practice the melody. 😀

The one that tells about consequence of being clumsy.

The one that teaches the joy of sharing…

The one that seems to be taking my head by storm and keeps playing especially when I am commuting to and from work… 😀

Of course, how could this very basic folk song gets forgotten?


My husband kept teasing me that I am teaching students how to sing and dance, which he said is the most common image he and his German friends have known about the educational system. When he has comments about my job, I would gladly retort with curriculum explanations that can go for hours. I would often mention about the costs of education and the consequences of this, and lots of blah blah. Of course, that would make him crack up before I could even finish the 10th line of my rebuttal.

Teaching literature to kids help in presenting books as sources of pleasant and valuable experiences while helping them make sense of what they hear, see or read.

It opens kids’ perspective of the world by using their imagination to explore people, places, times, and events beyond their own experiences.

Now, I am getting more and more excited to received the new book, #BabyLove: My Toddler Life, by Corine Dehghanpishe through Kelsey. Thanks to Meg of nocturnalmomtalks for the referral. ❤  Will be using it for the class’ literary work review. 🙂

Till next time, happy singing! 🙂

What songs kept on playing on your mind lately? 



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