From Frau M to Prof M


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So the past three months is full of life updates. As you may have known, these updates include the change in family name, revision of life plans, addition of a new title, and lately, of getting a new job (though it is not a totally unfamiliar territory. I may say, it’s just a homecoming).

Some years before, I was eyeing the international scholarship, which also at some point, the reason I chose my master’s thesis. But yeah, life can go on a total turn. Somewhere between exploring my possible research choices and my full-length study, I was keen on doing a language analysis involving foreign men and Filipinas. A total turn of events. Two years prior to graduation, I have fallen in love. Three weeks after graduation, I married him.

Four  years ago, I couldn’t think of anything else but going up the professional ladder. It was hardwork.

Then love came in and again it is hardwork. Not because I was forced or regretful but rather because I realized that along the way, I will have to give up, in total, the years of investment to getting where I am. Say what you want to say, but I am following my heart to where the tulips grow best. ❤

So, the past three months was a period of learnings, reflection and decisions. The plans were finally laid. The target is set. But, before I drop everything and fly to follow where my heart is, I am determined to get back to my favorite workspace. This time, with total transformation – new status, new family name, new title. Oh yeah, need I mention a new language?

Ah, truly, book is life.


For the next few months prior to departure, I will be Prof. M. ❤ 

Life can go on a total turn, but I am totally fine.


Have you ever made a decision that changed your life in total? How did you face it?




12 thoughts on “From Frau M to Prof M

    1. Thanks! At this point in life, I had to choose one thing only. At first, it was quite hard to realize a lot of things are to be given up. Anyway, the heart wins. ☺

  1. Can’t say that I had anything similar but back in 2013 I was trying to get into a Univ in Finland to do my Master. Well I fell short by one point of getting into the program (only 14 accepted out of few hundreds back then) and suddenly my wife and I decided to move to Germany and build our life there. Before we were fixed on Finland, my wife had her full time job there, I was freelancing and then well, everythign changed 🙂

      1. It is not yet fixed, but definitely close to Amsterdam. 🙂 Thanks. Good luck to you too. I hope you can get a scholarship there. 🙂

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