Weekend Scribbles

weekend scribbles

It’s been a long time since my last post. (sigh)

I miss having an avenue to document what’s going on in my life, and have an easy way for people to pop in and see what I am up to without having to write a number of private messages each time.

However, since I have been very busy lately, posts will hopefully be regular but short, and a mixture of pictures and text, acting as a journal to mark some of the small yet important events. Good to see it as having somewhere to  look back on someday.

Enough of that. Where have I been for quite a while?

Well, perhaps you saw me last when I was able to snag a weekend getaway to a nice resort as a semester-ender.

After a school year of trying to finish up my master’s thesis, I found that it would be a lot better if I will have to kinda rush things up, so I will force myself to not procrastinate anymore since I had spent all my money on this endeavor. I have wanted to give up at one point but C pushed me to finish the torture I have started for myself.

Before the end of February, I was preoccupied with having to write my research findings, analyzing statistics and presenting it to my panel members. And yeah, the handwork paid off and I was recommended for graduation. (Not the end of this story, though.)

It is a period of juggling the tasks at work and those that are at the university. I was stressed out at some points and got my dose of anxiety attacks (and yeah, I puked and tumbled in the sidewalk). Add learning German in this schedule and you see the bigger picture.

I submitted my resignation letter to the kindergarten and will only be working there until this month. I had to or else C and I will have to wait for another full term so I can go join him when all the paper trail is done. The university has invited me to teach at the college of education or the senior high school program. Sadly, I couldn’t take it either or it will only worsen the scenario.

I had been showered by so much confusion as to my life choices. C knows I have been trying so hard to earn my master’s so I can go teach at the university (again). On the otherhand, we both don’t know what the future brings for us in Germany. I have the fear of not being able to find jobs there. For C, after spending almost half his life in the Netherlands, he is more Dutch than Deutsch. So, taking it from him, we are caught in the trouble of having to choose between pest and cholera.

For now, we are more inclined of taking the route of living in Deutschland. Of course, it requires having to choose between having a career and being away from each other for a number of months a year, or being together in Germany with hopes of a career being set aside. I would love to hear some thoughts of enlightenment on this issue that slowly challenge our sanity. 

For the time being, as a soon-to-be (jobless) Mrs.M, the plan is to focus on my freelance IELTS coaching stints, thesis advising and editing, and some other things that go in between. Maybe a part – time teaching load. (We will see how it goes.) Taking an intensive A1 course is also on the list of must-do.

Should we live in Deutschland or settle in the tropics? That is the question.:D



7 thoughts on “Weekend Scribbles

  1. Wow! Congratulations for all the hardwork..you needed that!
    Well, you can’t have everything in one time, you just can’t.
    It’s just a matter of priorities Jovy, you’ll see, everything else will fall into place.

    Come to Germany!!!!!
    Germany is a great country and a lot of opportunities is waiting for you. But you need to take the BIG LEAP of faith for these things to materialize.
    Life here is not about taking selfies and just visiting beautiful places and feeling ‘touristy’— you’ll gonna start a new life with someone, hopefully your future husband so, why doubting?

    Goodluck and I hope to hear positive news for you.

  2. Hi there! Congratulations on your upcoming grad and the bajillion opportunities coming your way! A move to Germany will definitely bring you out of your comfort zone. You will have to work towards having your qualifications recognized to pursue a career here. Add to that the language proficiency needed. So yes, it’s not going to be a walk in the park. BUT looking at it long-term, there are benefits to living in DE too especially if you are planning to have children in the future. You’re right about the losses and gains, but c’est la vie. In the end, I hope you find a good fit for you & your hubby. 🙂

    1. Thanks!! Yep.. it is quite difficult but we have to take the risk. Majority of the people I asked for advice told me moving to DE is better. They have been in DE too for some years and said I should take a leap.

      I hope you are doing well 🙂 Thanks for dropping a line.

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