Funny Valentine’s Day

funny valentines

I know this was quite late to post something about Valentine’s Day. Today though, a friend asked me how romantic the German guy can be. And, this got me thinking. 🙂 Of course, Chris had been a very good combination of being romantic, loving, protective, objective and practical. I like these traits a lot.

But last Valentine’s Day, a day many women in a relationship would look forward to in the Philippines, he told me.. “Sorry mahal, I didn’t know it was a big thing there. You know, I will give something that makes you happy at anytime… not on the day people expect men to give something to women.” Of course, I was half-expecting this reaction. I was not broken-hearted though. 🙂 Every single year, my table in the office would be full of individual red roses, chocolates of all sizes, and some gifts.

It is not what you think. Haha. My students, the kids at the kindergarten and their parents would make this possible. So, what is there to grieve? I went home like I had three boyfriends at once. Haha.

A week before Hearts’ Day, a very good friend of mine who happens to be a former colleague in the academe had asked me a favor. What she wanted was for me to hint her boyfriend that  she would love to receive a bouquet of flowers. The guy is also my friend, so why not? I obliged.  But when I told this story to Chris, he thought I was trying to play on him. 😀 (Although maybe a portion of the conversation had this motive, too. winks) He told me… “This isn’t gonna work, mahal.” So, of course, I expected nothing. Haha.

So, as an answer to my friend, I said, “Germans can be romantic in a different way. I guess not the way we expected, but this makes them quite special too.” I am curious of your thoughts on this. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Funny Valentine’s Day

  1. Maybe I could blame the culture that we’ve grown into,or the power of social media in Ph and everything. There’s so much difference you can see in interracial couples esp. the way we celebrate this type of occasion.In Europe or in Middle East, its different. Of course in Ph it is a “big “thing to receive flowers,chocolates etc..its how we define as the norm..But I have learned an important lesson about this.
    People have different ways of showing how they care.If He didn’t send flowers it doesn’t mean that He doesn’t think of you.
    I have learned to trust the man more than everything else.
    best wishes to you and stay in love! 🙂

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